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Hai! I'm CNG ( it stands for cute name generator) I sadly don't go on smackjeeves much anymore, but I'm trying to! Not much else to say, I love reading webcomics from time to time so making an account was a must :).

(The metroid mmo comic is currently dead at the moment, but I'm gonna talk with rande, one of the authors and see if we can start it up and get some fans!!!)
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    sure i'll tell, gimme 5 bucks first
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The shading, where it at?
Battle knights, Y u no update?
whoooooaaaa, an update. That blew my mind.

also lol, crossdressing rande.
Lol what do you need a sword and shield for? Looks good though.
but the power of love should be able to conquer over all! Aaaah screw it.
...why is comic 15 and 17 the same? (but diffrent titles)
this is a great comic, too bad it hasn't updated in 2 years T_T