Er... yeah. I'll update this later on. <i>Maybe.</i>
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That's NOT a dolphin. It is clearly a shark.
Two or three times, I've caught flies/moths midair with my bare hand and then rinsed (then washed) my hands to make sure that they're not alive when I'm done with them.

Successfully doing this is always extremely satisfying. C<
Added to the list of favorite comics who's authors mysteriously vanished. D:
Ponytails screw everything, and I mean EVERYTHING up if your hair's too curly.

I, myself, prefer hoods.
@Mythee: Whenever I do that, no matter how nice and even it looks facing left, it always comes out looking lopsided. :/
Just had to point this out: I kept checking the page to see if it had updated, but it hadn't. Today, I scrolled down and realized that the "Next" button wasn't at the top of the page.

--Well, it is for me, anyway.
The previous 4 comments fit way too well together.
WOO GO SPRITEWORLD DO THE DEWait... what kind of sprite did you say?

Oh, I see what you did with that thar panel. :B
Of course it's one of the funniest issues, it features Bob!

Btw, two updates in under a week? YOU DA MAN, nawhadah'm sayin'?
You should've taken that flower. I would've fell in love with whoever gave me a flower like that one.

Trust me.
I'm an expert on these sorts of things.
Abuse sugar? ...That, I do.
I guess there was too much good already. Too bad for him; he missed out.
In fact, that made way too much sense.
Well, they say you should go outside to get 'fresh air' or 'sunlight' so... technically it does. DO IT DO IT DO IT
How about...
Atty being tied up or trapped in a corner or something, and DT holding a gun, pointed at him, but with DT being all like "? What is this thing?" an Atty would be all like ";m;" or something. Basically, this equation:
deadly device + (DT + confounded) || Atty + (fear² + (fear ÷ anxious))
Yes? No? Maybe? Confused?
...Snap, dog.
I wouldn't've enjoyed having him die, because... well, then what? "The Adventures of a Traumatized Pokémon: The Charmander Saga"?