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Hobbies:Quick gesture drawings and sketching simple things. Making toys for my pet bunny.
Drawing simple short comics. Playing hack/slash games on PS2 or GCube...not a
fan of shooting or army games.

Fav foods:Loves cottage pie, Korean walnut cakes, cutlets, fried squids, Cheddar cheese(very mild. I can't stomach mild or strong), homemade mac and cheese, and brownies.

Dislikes: Clothes shopping, loud noises, smell of cigarette smoke, dogs and cats, cold,

Likes: Long quiet hikes in the woods. Watching my pet play or lounge in the sun, going on a
picnic with my family, traveling to Asia...
December 20th, 2011
A quick sketch that I coloured in horribly. lol

The NGSU #13 team members. Their job? To train the new recruits that will one day replace them...
November 19th, 2011
I have no idea who Yagami Light is. ~

Also, like kuroi said, tis not too late to change your script. =)