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Yay it's back!
Yayz :3
August 16th, 2011
Mike's Hat
Is it just me, or do I see those stripe things on his hat constantly?
Nah. I don't think the glasses would make THAT big of a difference
Whoa! That shocked me!
Zeus is so adorable
Oh shizz
I say half of the guards dead and Joey hurt in some way even if a little!
Something else must've happened between Zeus and Hades because obviously the thing with the mom didn't start the hatred.
Oh no...This is horrible. Her younger brother...
Leaf is supposed to be saying "you're hopeless, Firestar" not "your hop-less Firestar" because...I'm pretty sure no one owns an overly-hyper kid that can't jump properly.
I have a big mouth
(Firestar) I have a big mouth in the second panel
Real Page
its an actual page lol
December 11th, 2010
Just wanted to say your art is beautiful.
this is messed up
i feel like i want to fix this page or something, and make our manga layout much prettier...but i'm far too lazy -3-

~madame leafy
Guess what!? We actually got a page!!! yay! *cheers* No, Leaf, I feel no regret and grief and guilt whatsoever and I already deleted that background. *blows raspberries*

Introducing two of our characters, Firestar and Leaf!

By the way, we do like comments! (At least I do. Not sure about Leaf there) :D
I've been following this comic for a while (even though this is my first comment) Your comic's been hooking me ever since I read it. Very nice and gripping plot. And I love the character developments.
The drawer will be drawing the rest in pencil which will take her more time and she's going to be gone for a while as well so.... Anyway, gives you a little blurb before impatient folks get even more impatient.
so, we've made progress...
Don't blame me for the rushed result! It's a product of blackmail! Blackmail!