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Red Cat Rosse
Rosse likes cats, food, and the color red.

...not much else to say, really.
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Oh Di, save your kisses for those who appreciate them. D': -tear-
LOL@ Mara's face. I'm just sayin'.
Y'all need to stop kissing my boyfriend. D=
Red Cat Rosse
August 31st, 2007
This is totally the most action-packed Fair page yet! B]

My mom forbids me to send text messages. >o> Pfft. WHO WOULD I TEXT, ANYWAY? XD
Ohgod. When I saw this, I literally collapsed laughing. XDD The line "Whatcha beepin' for?" got me.
Heehee, Mara's taller. XD
But of course it's got butter in it! When leaving to see your cowardly Katsuprince, everyone needs to bring butter, right?

OOK, I don't know if that was a compliment or an insult. XDD
Why did Mara push a bundle containing a stick of butter out the window?

Because she wanted to see a bundlecontainingastickofbutterfly!


Assuming that bundle's got butter in it, of course. 8DD;;
Haha. I like her sigh. XD

Consistency is for wimps. B] Cool people like us like to spice it up!
She's even cuter hand-drawn. 8D (though not as purpley, of course)

It looks cool to me how you drew it on paper, then did the panels and such on the computer. :3
Oh my god, how confusingly funny. XD
Haha, that made me laugh, because I can totally relate. XDD

Your handwriting is totally better than mine. :<
Oh my god. Exactly what I was thinking. XD I love Bill Nye.
Sorry. v__v
And now she's HUGE! 8DDD
Wahaha, I feel so loved. <3 Thanks Pook for putting that up here!

And WHOO for new computer! 83
Pretty. X3

Pookie, your lines are so smoooooth. ;_____; Can I steal them? Please?
Hahaha. XDD
I am NOT a... whatever you are. High school person.

I could care less for chapters meself. 83