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Chu-n here to stalk ya comic! >8D
heh.. Its cute!
lol x3 He looks crazy but cute :3
yay.. TwT
um but I wonder if that Cap should be black instead of pink cuzz... It will look wierd.. If the cap and the hair is almost in the same color as that TwT''

I think im gonna try to do a less doodleish art whit all the characters soon... And some pages... Im sorry that I havent done any pages... TwT Had much to do with school.. And other personal reasons.. heh... XwX
uuh.. It´s not so much.. uh.. TwT Elin and.. Axel.. In her verition.. TxT
det är jätte fint! ^^

I will do the next page... TwT
you would like that huh?? xD
I think he would scare me to.. In a place like that xD
omg Rapeman D''8
lol xD he seems cool XDD
watch out!
Bang! x3
No probs ;3
Well if ya want to, it would be great if you could! ^_^
No need to, Ur now with us! ^_^
To koneko-chaan
Lol no need to ^^ We looked around in your dA and we thought ur art was cute! So you can join here if you wish ^w^
juuust... Dont forget to read the rules ;3