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Someone looks like they're going to pop~.
February 21st, 2011
Lover jump. xD
Oh my God it's over. ;A;
I adored the ending, I really did. I can't believe it's been four years! I'm pretty sure I've been following for at least 3 years. This story was always the highlight of my day when I saw it updated. It was always the first I would go to too.

The story has been so great, I don't think there's any other comic like it. Surely not any BL comics with a story as rich as Cloe's! I don't think I've ever been so attached to characters before. It was truly a good comic!

I'm going to miss Cloe so much! ;A; And as for Richard and Henry's sad future, I really excepted a sad one. I would love to see what happens though (because I'm a sucker for tragic stories, I really am). Now I'm probably going to be in denial that it's over for a few months. xD
But congratulations on finishing Cloe!
Thank you for sharing this comic, really.

I am really looking forward for your next project! 8D
*goes off to reread Cloe*
February 20th, 2011
Let him sneak innnn~.
Brilliant idea! xD

Ahhh it's can't end! ;A;
Oh my God she cracks me up. xD

Aww Mrs. Dove will never die. xD

Ohh new story? 8D I don't care if it's BL or not, I'm excited to read it~.
I lol'd so hard at Liam. xDD

S-s-six pages left?! ; A ; I'm excited but so sad! Ahh I'll probably re-read Cloe for weeks after it ends. xD
If you publish it, I'm finding the money to buy it no matter what! :D
Glad you're back~! :'D

I love this page! It's so cute and soft...
I don't mind Liam being seme, I think it's pretty awesome. xD But it will take some time getting used to it~.
So yeah I don't really see Ed topping Liam anymore. xD

I'm loling at Ed's reaction though.
Liam seme is awesome! 8D

Oh Ed. xD
Oh God she's gorgeous. *A* And so is her dress.
Aww daddy's back.
Damn Liam is tall. xD

Still the same Ed I see. :D
Alfred is pretty. *pets him*
Liam is so faithful. ;u;

Feel kinda bad for the girl though. D;
There's always other, not gay, fish in the sea, Constance. 8D
Aww poor girl~.
Mr. Dove's "Didn't I?" face. I love it.

I love you for making this realistic, I really do.

So anyway, poor Liam! ;A; And Ed too.
Aww look at that handsome Ed. xD