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If you don't know who I am, then that's too dang bad. xP
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OH my god she actually did the hat thing
Sorry for the wait!
More pages to come later this week.
is hilarious.
I really doubt that this is the end to their friendship.

Angie has every right to be acting the way she is. Like, to her a vampire is very dangerous. It's obvious that she loves and supports her friends; she's just upset because she feels a little betrayed. I imaging she's thinking "If Dylan didn't tell me about THIS, then what else hasn't he told me about? Friends are supposed to trust each other!"
She's not being a bitch, she's just hurt. It's better that Dylan and Joa leave than stay and make it awkward. I mean, the best scenario is that they just talk it out until no one is upset, but you need to have time to feel what you're feeling.

As for Dylan, it's not his duty to tell anyone anything. There was never any kind of signed contract where Dylan agreed to tell Angie everything about his life. Even friends are entitled to their privacy from one another.
That being said, I also don't think it's Dylan's place to tell Joa's secret, because it is exactly that: JOA'S secret. It's up to Joa whether he wants people knowing what he is or not.
Yes, it does seem like Joa is pretty "whatever" about it right now (we can't be sure if he's worried or not because we don't really know his feelings on the matter), but that doesn't mean Dylan has the right to go telling everyone and their mom about the more private secrets of his boyfriend.

Angie has a right to be upset.
Dylan shouldn't be pressured for staying quiet.
Joa is hot

thank you.
Hey peeps! It's been quite a long time!!!

First, I'd like to apologize for being gone. Thank you so much for sticking with me!
Battle Sequence is Far from over, and I do plan to finish this comic.

But I've become preoccupied with another project, and I'll be working on that until it is finished.
I've started a new comic: Origins of the Wind Sage. It's about what happened to Hyrule while Link was in Termina. (Between Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker, During Majora's Mask.) It's an epic origin story about the Sages, and I hope some of you will at least take a look.
Once Origins of the Wind Sage is over, I'll be returning to Battle Sequence.

The new comic will be posted here, as well as on tumblr.
Speaking of which, if anyone wishes to follow me as I waste my time drawing, you can always find me here:
That's my personal tumblr, where I post doodles and various other things that catch my fancy. Follow me there to stay updated!
Am I the only one who DOESN'T think it looks like sex? It looks like two pokemon playing.
okay, that's all for now.

See ya later, peeps!
Anyone else think paras is cute? I do. He's a good HM slave.
Here he comes to save the daaay!

OMG Sorry I've been so inactive- and for almost a month!!
I have no excuse. u-u I've just been distracted with my ask blog. I am trash.
If you really want to draw, that's great! But don't strain yourself for our sake! <33
Change of plans peeps!
On a last minute whim, my friends have convinced me to go to Fanime!
I'll get to work on those pages when I get back

Sorry, folks. I was busy with a big commission this week that's going to give me a nice chunk of change.

I'll get the pages up soon.
@Axies: 20th. My count might have been off.
Okay, the page should be visible now.
Idk why it wasn't showing the image.
DOn't scream at bugs, children!

See ya later, peeps.
Hey peeps!!

My birthday is five days from now!
Is that why you're so short all the time? <3
The hiatus will end the updates will start again on Friday, May 1st, at approximately 6am (pacific time)
A little competitive?

See ya next time, peeps.