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So on top of being a full time college student I'm a writer that has too little time and way too much to do. I'm the keyboardist and one of the vocalists for the band I'm in. (You'd like to know what band wouldn't you.. >=x Well I'm shy so too bad!) As well as being a slave to my band I'm writing 6 different stories one of which I am co-authoring and ON TOP OF ALL /THAT/... I go to bed at night with my purple stuffed octopus, Squishapus. <3

What?? You thought there was more??? You apparently don't know how time consuming that stuff is! Jeez.. x.x

Heh, I'm really not all that special. In fact I'd say I'm just kind of silly. =p
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I hate it when people who carry around condoms are seen as slutty. Granted Tommy is literally a slut/whore, but that is not the point. =/

Most countries in Europe don't seem to have that problem. Thanks America for demonizing sex and being prepared. >=(
Soo.. Tommy is nothing like Dake's ideal? How sad. =(
Tan? Tommy is more like so pale he looks dead.
Muscles? More like so skinny he could be dead.
Poor Tommy. =x
Oh my god Dake is ADORABLE. Such a cute kid! xD
Wow.. Abel's an angel? The more and more we get to know him he seems kind of like a prick. =x
On another comic I read everyone keeps adding a letter to a character's name as well. I suppose it's because when we read we don't actually read every letter of the word. Sorry they keep doing it though. =/
Every time you apply hard science to a fantasy/sci-fi story a catgirl DIES.

Love the page. Seriously gorgeous. <3
May 26th, 2011
New story!! Aggh.. *love*
You already knew this but fav character is Val.

Happy Anniversary! <3

Abel with cartilage earrings? Me likey~
Thats the answer we all wanted to hear. =)
That's exactly what I was thinking. He hasn't been a prick this entire time. What the hell is up with that? Hmm.. bipolar maybe? *raises eyebrow in curiosity*
Aww... Hiddy actually really loves his ridiculously flamboyant son. That's so cute/awesome/sweet! =3
Now I remember why I stopped reading the user comments. It was full of stupid people. I don't care what anyone else says, a whole chapter of Horus and Hiddy was WIN. Win plain and simple. Sure I love Tommy and Dake.. but really.. I love that this comic has so much more to offer then simple boys love. It has a whole world, full of dynamic characters and rich cultures. And who the hell can complain about badass old men??? Seriously!
He has a very good point.

I love this comic. It's so simple and yet sucks me in somehow. <3
When I saw an update I was SOO worried that it was going to be a notice saying that TD wasn't going to continue and instead I see that a book is being published??? BEST DAY /EVER/!! <333

Make sure to post and let us know where we can buy it!!
As much as I don't like cheaters.. I want them to continue. T-T

I'm a terrible person. *sob*
Go Alex!! If he's cheating on you not only do YOU need to know but she aught to as well! Freaking bastard. Can I kick his cheating ass??
It's funny.. I went to really hating this guy to almost liking him and now I'm not sure what the hell to think.

Okay.. brain recap: He's still cheating on his boyfriend with his boyfriend's best friend by forcing the best friend to sleep with him. Huh.

Still not sure I hate him at this point and that's odd. >.>
Oooook... as much as I love learning more about Horus I think I didn't want to know how creepy he could be. Like HOLYAWSADFAD.

Seriously! o.o
Yay!! I don't care if it's only once a week.. I have missed regular updates. I was beginning to worry about this comic. T-T

Falcon amuses me.. but that new banner just takes all my attention. Val~ <33
Oh SNAP. Shit is going down!

I seriously hope they didn't invite Hiddy and Horus just to try and force them into cooperating. I mean what the hell. Diplomacy? What?? What's that... >.>

I love how the war is complicated. It's not just, "Oh we hate you so WAR." It saddens me how many stories just take the good guy vs bad guy instead of showing that there is a middle and maybe neither one is quite "Right."

Ah.. I love this comic. Everything about it is stellar. <3