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I like reading, drawing and playing my clarinet. I love the colour pink, I am a big fan of South Korea, one of the reasons is because I'm a devoted International fan of Dong Bang Shin Ki. A popular Korean boyband there. :)
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    Larasati Sudjudi
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Love the illumination. :D And damnit, Tommy should help Dake out with his.... eeehhreekkkshioon
Atlast... Dake got what's coming to him. :D Hehe, a lump broke his fall. And ohh... smexy, finally some action hey? Haha... Dake likes it.
Hahaha! This story is hillarious. Mm... pervy 200 year old demons. ;) And yes, take it like a woMAN. :D
Haha! Love the old man. :)
I love your stick figures, they're just the shizz man! Lol
Omg, Dake is so gonna get it. Hahahaha! Whatever he gets is definitely karma. ;)
You. Are. The AWESEMOST author I've ever met. Great story. ^^