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I LOVEEEE to draw. Alot. And read. :3
uhh... yeah.. XD


Ariel Luvs yeww! <3
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Gyaaaaaaaaaah drama!!! 0_0
moar moar! o(>w<)o
superb art, I wish I had your skills.
:0 Poor tomato head!
its ok. My teachers are trying to kill me too. :D
Ayah I'm proud of you!
A: you didn't get that bad of a score
B: You are taking it really well

woooow that dude is a serious jerk
that butler has a kick-ass name. i must say.
It's alright if you need to take a sick day. Hope you feel better!
dear Ayah, thank you for updating so much.
love, Ariel
I agree with r-o-t-a
EXCITED. I can patiently wait for new pages. :3
I completely forgot what the bet was about. aha.
*rolls on floor*
@ In England: People that go on secret dates, duh! XD
MWAHHA yes... cry ash.. cry

wow.. i sound so sadistic. but only because im happy for pikachu 'w'