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Hi! I'm diao ^^ I'm a girl, 17 years old, studying yet, and for a few years!
if you know a diao-chan94 from deviantart, or just diao-chan from a forum (spanish), or diaochan from tinierme; yes, it's me (xD)

I like manga and anime a lot, also reading and writing stories is my passion. I draw a lot, but I can't tell if I do it well or not ^^U I'll just say it's my hobbie.

My favourite manga artist are CLAMP, and, from my country, it's Inma Ruiz.

don't hesitate to ask anything, or just say hello ;)
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I find it really sweet that Atty actually cares about dragonthing :) and it's lovely to discover it this way, because it seems more true to me!

Lol, eleven panels! you should be proud of yourself :D
OMG so sweet!!! <3
OMG another page!

aww still not working? take it easy, I see the one who's suffering the most with this is you, so relax!
YAY FOR PAGE 100! :D congrats!

ow, poor dragonthing... err, I mean, charmander! he doesn't deserve this.
September 28th, 2010
awww zeus is so cute! he still loves his brother, even when hades did what he did.
dun, dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun

a wild feraligatr appeared!
September 15th, 2010
wh-what's gonna happen? o3o scaaary
I lol'd at vinny's reaction xD
ohohoho I wonder what is it?
I loved this story x] funny and short, and poor fishie! don't worry, we'll protect you! xD
nice picture, pretty for an ending page ^-^
owwww :( I hate chronus!! D<
poor dragonthing... he has to improvise on his own, as his master is such a looser about pokemon *is shot*
I love this boy xD and yay for colored page!
there's the other pidgeon in the box, of course! xD (or maybe not ~)

we wanna knowww!
I already voted for you! ^O^ congrats!

whi isn't she there? D: go dinner with your friend! D<
SILDA! thank god you're there...