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Guitar playing, blogging, music, tea, philosophy.
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Nice! Where abouts? (if you even read this on time..)
I sat watching season 1 and part of season 2 when I was sick. :'] It's awesome.
+1, really. XD My worst is when I try going downstairs without making the stairs creak, carefully skipping certain steps, the steps I actually walk on being the most creaky..
Haha, you could star in one of those hyperactive kid shows. :p
Are you sure it's not Sparta? D:
This made me laugh so hard and I don't even know why, hehe.
So true. My grandpa died 3 months ago, and his coffin was open for about.. 3 days before the funeral (they closed it for the actual funeral.), and I swear to god, I was convinced he'd like, flinch or something.
Hahaha, seriously dude, your comic is awesome.
What uuuup.
Haha, that's such a bad joke that it automatically becomes brilliant. :'] +1
Humpty-dumpty sat on a wall..
Haha, this is actually quite brilliant.