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@Daz Keaty: Okay That all I wanted to know. Thank you.
I have to ask is the person in the tux a girl? I'm noticing breasts on them and I don't know if it was just a mistake with drawing or actually a girl. Either way cool, just a weird thing I'm noticing.
While I haven't played many Mario games... The Mario games are not that exciting for me. All I see is a gimmick to get people to buy a game that is literally the same. Pokemon is the same too, so don't think about getting on a high horse. Every FPS is the same with a gimmick to separate themselves.
Fight me scrubs!
Damn you for killing the fox girl you bastard!
@ThatTrollFaith: Oh yeah this is a very real thing. The cuccos are a very real and deadly threat. Granted I kind of forgot about this for a while but even if I played again before I saw this to remind me, I would still not attack them.
Strangely when I did mine for the first time, it was kind of easy. Not sure if it was because I used a computer version to do it or if I didn't have the much to do simply because it was my first time, but it was painless for me.

On that note, still hate having to pay them.
Tetris does have that beat that works perfectly with putting things up now that I think about it.
I think that is why I mostly stay as a DPS or at least a ranger that lets me RUN THE FUCK AWAY! Also I don't blame the healer! You never blame the healer!
After all you Don't Fuck With The White Mage! they don't heal you if you fuck with them.
.... that is fucking stupid.
... I thought that was a basic stealth thing. Every game with stealth I played is like this.
This devolved into the typical Red-vs-Blue-Gold battle. Red and blue will fight to the death like normal while Gold will just pick off the stragglers.
The sign of true friendship. The instance where you will insult and degrade each other to their face and have them come back with and even better/worse insult.
... That is completely true. That phrase is a lie and always is followed by a racist comment.
Is it strange that the image in the last panel actually seems like a scene from a game or an anime and that I think that it looks okay even out of context?
.... Yeah, I don't like rain either and would totally do that too.
... You know, I understand this logic perfectly. I'd be turned off of sea food too if every time I opened a freezer a dead fish was looking at me.
I'm thinking the combat system will be like kingdom hearts and FF7 Crises Core(You know the game where you play as Zack Fair? The prequel to FF7) Where you move freely, but it does have an attack button and have buttons to use matria/specials/commands/reactions/ect. I am hoping to every god known to man it isn't like fucking FF13. I hated that. You couldn't fucking move and had to do everything with a damned command prompt.
I might have to work that day so while I am happy, I am just a bit meh.
It would be funny if off screen there is a true cat(not a catperson but the actual animal) and that the old people didn't even notice Daz and/or Neko