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Princehel :D Just for posting the comic I have promised, but haven't done. XD <3 I love you all!
This comic was pretty much

I liked it alot, your art is fabulous and it was just awesome
So forward there~ <33

Ahah~ It's awesome to stal- see your other comics!
ohohoho~ This was recommended for me, and I was like "Hey, this style is familiar~" and It's was you~ *excited* Looks soo cuteeeeeeeeee Rawr too cuteeee XD <333
I bet she's Yandere for him C<
The seconds part of GG? I would read it OuO

I really liked this one~ I can't wait for your other comics~
Shiori, I have it too, I just watched the movie thats mostly why I mentioned it :P
I can't stop thinking of the song from chicago, both reached for the gun XD

Ohhhh crapp you gonna get shott boii! XD no don't ART D:
I OWN CHICAGO! I love the warning shots, thats a great movie, maybe ill watch it now..

AHH THANK GOD in the little preview picture i thought those were bullet holes, but they are not. :D

ehehe it is a little creepy, a hope she doesn't faint! -gasp-
Just found the comic today, and caught up. today. Amazing ! :D

D'aw to cute, to cute, to sad, I agree with dragonmaiden, there is a moment approaching. Either gonna turn out bad or good >w<
Meeee tooo!
Uwaa, I come out of the shadows for this :D Theres so many good people here oAo

Name: Marcel (Mar-see-L)
Height: around 5'2
Age: Around 18/19 in human years
Gen: Boy man male :D
Bio: He always, ALWAYS wears the blue bow with the pearls coming off it, as it was given to him by his long gone mother. He has been a wanderer for more then half his life, but is veyr shy. (He also can't choose between wearing very cute/girly clothes and come what punk clothes) He never wants to talk about what happened to his eye, and even though it may draw more attention, he doesn't want any one to see the scar and hides it under a eye patch, that was given to him by a stranger he met in one of the towns he wandered into. <3
This story, I've just recently read it, it amazing, I can't wait to see what you will do with it, you're always so amazing <3

Does that attendant seem kinda pushy or is it just me?