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Are these available for purchase anywhere? I would love to have the set as a poster(s)!
Oh Jesus this is the cutest page I have ever seen in my entire life
@Nerxual Oh: I assumed he was making fun of all the people who write "FIRST!!!!" every time they comment.
If it's not a spoiler, can someone tell me the time period this takes place in? I feel as though it was stated but I don't remember.
So I'm confused. Did Kes make a mistake when saying "virgin" or does she not know that Castalia is a virgin?
Haha! I'd forgotten that Kane is not his first name.
I've never had a fig that tasted better than honey. I'd be all over that honey.
It's nice too see a cute moment between Kane and Castalia where they are just holding hands. :)
Oh my goodness! He said he didn't feel well! Proper grammar! This is the best day of my life!
Confused for a while now. . .
So if Simon is Bradly's step-son, how do they both have powers? I am very curious to this. Is it not a matter of genetics? Will it be explained later? Someone please enlighten me.
Actually, if "stuff" is plural like I assume it is, then "prove" is correct in both spelling and tense.
Something proves something innocent.
Somethings prove something innocent.
Where exactly was Pea that everyone forgot? I don't know what the "thundering" is.
September 15th, 2010
18th! Haha. It sucks when people over react when I blow in their ears.
You have really nice handwriting and I'm liking the hand written text. I say keep it.
Sometimes I'm sad that you don't update much, but I am always happy when you do and there is more than one page. It makes it worth the wait.
May 23rd, 2010
Have you read. . . .
Did you by any chance read the Mortal Instruments series? This really reminds me of it.