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That is very cool of you to say! Send your friends our way :)
Really glad you enjoyed it! There are plans for a sequel to this one which will be even darker, but for now, you can check out another great story that Marc just started posting this Wednesday:

And we have a ton of other stories for you to enjoy over here:

Thanks again for the kind words!
Thank you!
Thanks for reading it and for the kind words! All kudos go to Marc, he pitched the idea for it way back when and I was like "Yes! This is a cool idea!" and the rest is history :)
Glad you enjoyed it! It was a helluva ride for us and it's been fun watching Marc's artwork get better and better.
Awesome! Thanks for the heads-up!
Not a foolish question at all. This one's always been Craig's favorite so it's "reserved" for him :) Plus, I don't know that I'd be able to find another artist as awesome as him who'd do it for free ;)
I know :/
I'd like to tell you that this one's not kaput, but I haven't heard from Craig in awhile so I'll stay hopeful. Since it's Gargoyle Park, maybe there's a chance it'll rise rise from the dead. . .
All righty. . .
Glad you're enjoying the art at least. And the dialogue is supposed to be racist since Carl is, in fact, racist. Any chance you'd be able to provide some constructive feedback about the dialogue besides that it's terrible?
We first heard about the damage Rage-O-Tron did to the secret base here: age-13/
Welcome back, Ereg Nytron
We've heard that name a couple of times now: f-the-white-rose-part-3-page-18/
Do you need to remember clearly?
For a recap, everything went down last issue! cksters-tale-part-1/
Thanks for checking it out! Next week kicks off Kwiddex Protocol #5 and there's plenty more to come!
She's the one who's at the heart of this mess. As a reminder, she was first mentioned here:
The freako in Minneapolis WAS right!
Here's a recap: ad-girls-page-5/
Editor's note
This interlude was inspired by the events from this page: e-12/
We were looking for a woman
The woman in question was first mentioned last issue:
Gettin' the job done
Gore took care of the king way back here:
Jason got branded that moniker way back here:

See, we're tying everything together ;)
The Posse
We last saw Ganz in issue #2 where he met his current entourage:
Glad you enjoyed it!
Hope you stick around for more :)