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looks like it lol
You lefted didnt know if i was allow to use ya sprites
just realise this was ma first comic within a year lol bin busy and lack of motivation finally had some spare time lol
Twice in a row haha
a better explaination from the old Hedgehog wars

and like then they got more power but the same armour.
errrrrrrrr hi guys iknowsome ppl are light annoy that i havnt updates since May but theys a reason for that. well heres the thing i work near enough full time and on the weekends i go out with mates. i havnt given up on this i just need to fine time to update lol
sorry for the lack of updates bin very busy

or and i put up ulitmates banner ;)
is planning to update soon soz been really really really busy
@ultimate- say pleassssssssssseeeeee lol

kwl updates guys don't worry your great leader will update soon lol
@terra i need ya sprites
the fighting begins lol
yes same plot, new charters lol
well the plots will be running the same way but u can enter ya self in
kwl comic

AM Most likiy not going to update till the week end sooo ppl don't wait up for ,me lol
everyone else feel to update lol
and soooo it begins.... Again lol
yeah same lol