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February 3rd, 2014
Are your pages out of order...?
I can't believe the ratings your art gets! It deserves five stars every page.
And nothing happened between you guys? That's kind of were so cute.
Man, your comic is awesome, it looks so professional *drools*
January 3rd, 2014
@Zen81: Well, I'm looking forward to more! Keep up the good work *fans*
January 3rd, 2014
I like how clear your style is. The bold lines really work :)
November 16th, 2013
Your formatting is kind of confusing :-)
Um, your story jumps a lot. Its really confusing. But, none-the-less, interesting style :)
December 23rd, 2012
Wait...are they brother and sister or was she adopted...
Your characters have great facial expressions XD
WOAH. Amazing can't believe no one commented :O
awwww i feel a bit bad for wes!!
I think you mean:
"Are you listening to me?"
"Yes, unfortunately."

Unluckily doesn't make sense... : )
August 31st, 2012
haha cute XD
wow this is such a cool style XD jealoouuussss~~
It was a cute story thanks!
i just want to say this was an amazing comic. Thank you so much for your time and the million laughs you gave me.
noooooo its really ending!!!!
Look, here's the deal. If you print this I WILL BUY IT.