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I like Rockman related stuff, DS programming, playing games in free time or thinking about making comic with Rockman characters
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To do a barrel roll press A...but only after You lear it *giggle*
Sealing Fairy Mission Completed
Gained 100 Rupee
Gained 1 Apple
Gained 100 EXP

...wait what?
Ninja Escape!
Free itams plax
Free items please

Hey where I will find him FREE Rupee...geez go hunt grass <_<
<points at Owl>
You're going down!
<uses nailgun on the owl>
told ya
[Insert comment about hating time travels] T_T
"Unit suspects Dr. Eggman is attempting to be humorous"
Owned by that one :D Gamma sure can calculate situation quickly haha xD
Protoman Insulted == Protoman Angry
End of lesson
He got the point, WHY Flower Petals? There must be reason... I KNOW! One of those newcomers has allergy on flowers hahaha xD
Nothing more nothing less, it's good for health, it makes it longer by few minutes, Eggman will live long for sure...what the heck am I babbling about? o_O

BTW That story I was about to write has like "one chapter" or so done just to remake it a LITTLE and translate to english heheheheh ^_^

Zak TH - nice avatar ^_^ it reminds me a work on DeviantArt, someone painted Tails as Link and Sonic as a fairy, that was nice as well :D
HEY Eggman are You nuts?! Don't "pffft" on screen >_<
5000 points
for Martin
I too like listening music when working, it somehow helps a lot, strange isn't it? :P
OK Martin if You want I can borrow You CD or two with some music :D
Permission Granted yay!
Some beginning is done but non-english for now, but don't worry somehow it's easier for me to write in english than my native language...odd
Anyway I will start with some tactical plot nevermind xD
I will do my best ^_^"
Zmanwarrior I don't know should I take Your answer as yes or no :P
I made something in mind but I won't put it on "paper" unless permission granted :P
Can I make text-story based on this scene? heheheheheh it would be brilliant :D
That was quite a suprise
I will leave tab with that page open for a long time :D

Heheh, I recall similar comic but it wasn't just a scene...ok I'm silent about that

Keep up with that and that will wait, it IS my favourite Sonic series comic :D
<leaves a note "I was too shocked to say that personally so I left that note here, it will autodestruct in 5 seconds after You will finish reading">...
Lemme think...
if void returns void then it's same for 0 returns may land in another void...*mumble mumble* high skills programming heheh :D
You have big ammount of luck...
Tails is alive!
You will be alive as well then :D
If Tails won't survive, You won't either >_<!