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hi my names lichan i love anime and manga....i adore yaoi (male on male) and i have lots of fun drawing ^^.

my fav anime at the mo is: d.gray-man ^^

I love my fiancée so much too :D
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    lianne :D
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I sometimes wander about your sanity XD but I still adore the mini comics at the bottom lawwwwl
me-ow and ouch
looool not a good greeting...death is being asked XD
talk about a low blow but so funny XD
XD i just love the bottom panels
November 11th, 2008
le gasp! wut wut omg omg omg i knew there was somthing I KNEW! but i didnt know what....guuuuh i wannah draw them now *starry eyes* its been so long since i did draw them XD
persistant lil thing looooool
suspense gah!
you my dear are an amazing artist :3 i love this comic and i love your style of drawing :3
i want kino to get with enchantma
i thought it was random XD
i love your art ive lost your da name so im gutted i cant watch you on there again because wow just wow!
id punch them if they came near me
bart is just lol!!!!
call him bob....
yay!!!!! new pages fanart urges rising rising
is this on da? maaan its such a pritty picture :3