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PrincesTomboy on youtube, DA, ect. ect. I made this account for uploading my comic[s] and to read awesome ones~! =^.^=

PS: I'm not over 20, I'm a preteen [well, teen]. I just don't want to get stuck at random "18+ ONLY, BLARG!" warnings.
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    Ammika Channing
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We'll be right back, indefinitely!
A PT Comic will be on hiatus while I work on some stuff needed for further on in the story, not sure when I'll be back but I promise when I start this up again it will be 1. not another reboot, and 2. hopefully better!

Tsudzuku technically is the Japanese equivalent of 'to be continued', and that's what those characters in the corner say.
I remembered later that I wanted to name this one "Hindsight is Punny/Punny", ironically.
And now for a third song reference
Swing your arms from side to side
Come on, it's time to go!
Do the Mario!
Take one step, and then again.
Let's do the Mario, all together now!
Sorry it's late!
Long story short; internet problems.
Ancient historical fact:
Telethons are what they used to call patreons, waaay back before the internet. Either way, donate to the cause! Help suffering 2D characters worldwide!
Comic-camera mechanics? (feat. single quotes)
In my mind, the 'camera' usually just follows the main characters, but cutting away to somewhere else has to be done 'manually', so basically Billy failed to set it back to 'automatic' after the last comic was set to 'manual' to pan away from the characters and over the house.
The moral of the story is: never let an intern do an author's job (even if cameracatgirl sounds like a silly job to have).
Alternate dialog
"Ammika, how come I look tinier than you here?"
"Because I messed up while drawing i-I mean you're standing closer to the background, Billy! Yeah. That's the reason and I'm sticking to it."
"My name is Bobby."
"I'm not paying you to correct me, Billy."
By the way, this is the 200th comic! Wowsa!
I apologize for the fact this is now bigger than my (and thus presumably everyone else's) computer screen. This will be fixed next week, and we shall never mess that up again hopefully.
Yeah, guess who forgot noses from the whole drawing Ally's art style thing. It's been edited to be correct now!
That's no nose, that's an anime representation of a furrowed eyebrow/scowl kinda thing! Same as Kururu permanently has.
Kururu's blasting off agaaaiiinnn...!
Very stylized spinning maces/flails and fight sequences are the best kinds.
@Blue Kirby the l33t
Ember's got my locket and everybody wants her to give it to them, basically?
The awkward plurals in the alt text...
Not sure if Ember the anthropomorphic part-cat counts as a catgirl, even though she is both cat and girl for sure.
Used a base because I am a cheater and lazy, that's why it's not my usual art style.

Me being a lazy cheater is also why no comic this week.
Ding ding ding CORRECT! You win absolutely nothing.

@hellfire14 *shrug*
You know...
At this point we're not even sure the boss is a guy, could be like some evil anime girl or whatever. *shrug*
There aren't any pokemon that are better off without trainers. It's that some trainers shouldn't be allowed to have pokemon! If whatever that rich guy's pokemon belonged to Pi or Biana or some third person who doesn't keep accidentally killing his, they'd probably be happier than being in the wild (assuming they didn't happen to be doing some weird hardcore mode on life). It's a difference of semantics, but it bugs me enough that I really wanted to point out the difference.
Ally is not very good at proportions, just like she's bad at fingers or not locking me in a cage. Thus, the art style makes it look like I can escape because two bars is easier to draw than twenty. I totally can't escape, though.
Not at all, actually, as much as I love that comic. There aren't really set 'rules' in this, since Author literally means someone who made a comic on the internet and then made a character for themselves in said comic.