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Hey, you.
Quit picking catchy songs. xD

Chance looks so relieved. =(
One year? Huhhhhh pretty sure I'd cry over that. Well...maybe.

Are you aware that it's impossible to read those lyrics without singing them? Guhhh! >x< Actually, that song makes me laugh. It sounds all angsty at first and then I'm like, 'oh yeah, that's fuckin' kinky.'
Aww... =( Fetal-position crying always gets me.
My heart is SO happy right now. X3

And wow, I gotta say, I'm glad I was able to see this from start to finish! It was fun to anticipate each new page and know that you, the creator, were taking the characters and story seriously. Obviously, I was also excited to see Kale and Darren showin' a little love every now and then, too. xD

One question remains:
When can we expect to see more from you?
Looooove it!
I like the pic for the banner- it shows off that this comic is more than simply hot mansex (although that is certainly a HUGE plus). Also, it's got Terri and Dr. Henry, that's an automatic win.
Also, when does Kale get his glasses back?
D'aw! Thank gawd you're not immune to our influences... xD

So...everyone elses comments are making me second-guess the simplicity of the explanation I'd made up to explain the hospital...I just thought that maybe the hospital Kale is at is too far away from their house for Darren to be taking the bus back and forth all the time.
Kale looks so tired. =(

I love everything about the very middle of this page- the conversation, the art, the fact that Terri is finally appealing to the fangirls...
Goddamn you for being realistic, Terri.

I'm just going to pretend that that last stutter of Kale's was not due to his injury, but rather to the overwhelming sadness of thinking about Darren.

Of course, darling! =) I've enjoyed every moment of reading your work. Besides, I'm like Darren- too far in to leave. Ah snap, did you see what I did there?
D= Oh my. Now you've scared me. I mean, yes, I can empathize with Darren, but...the fangirl part of me wins over sometimes and says 'fuck that, I only want what makes me happy- not what makes sense.' Yeah, that's also my irrational part... <_<

...I bet Neko put the picture there. Sneaky, manipulative bastard. <3
Oh, Neko. <3 You are both adorable and frightening all at once.

WAIT. Is Darren really leaving?! Nooo...! Well, I know in the end he's not leaving Kale, but I don't want that ever to be a consideration he has!! D= Agghhhhh...
September 9th, 2010
...where/what exactly is her job?
Ahaha, it totally is an 80's montage! Brat Pack for life! xD

Though, I can't wait for more awkwardness to ensue...and more Chico. =3
...I come back after a period of freakish busy-ness and Kale still can't talk?!?! Nooooooo!! =(

Goddamn you with you're interesting, realistic plot and whatnot.

But in all seriousness, <3

Dr. Henry said 're learn!' That means he will get better!! Take that, Darren-from-previous-page.
So...I got a tumblr...which I don't think I needed to do, but oh well. I just don't understand it, though, so I'll just let you know right here, right now that Momo is freakin' adorable!

And Bridget looks happy. =) Wonder why...

Also, that girl that Chico had pics we get to find out more about her, or is she just there? I hope she plays a lil' bit of a role, at least; I dig her freckles.