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I'm a college grad who likes traditional tabletop RPGs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

I've also been working on the creation of an RPG for the past few years now, drop me a line if you want to discuss things on that end
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I have a feeling that when/if Otto ends up married with kids that he'll make a great father, or at least one better than what had to deal with growing up.
Yes he did, he also mentioned his ex is somehow getting the bulk of his paycheck in some sort of settlement
This is starting to look and sound like an abusive relationship
That does not look good...for anyone
That was sweet, sappy, and a little corny

Still, good call on his part
@Hazumirein I know what you mean, putting anything together is a lot of work. I'm actually working on a new RPG at the moment, and have been this past year, and am currently in the first phase of testing with some players online.

It's probably less work, even if by a slight margin, to write things out a supplement for an existing system than build one from the ground up. That said, building the system from the ground up means you are able to tailor the game towards your ideas of how things should flow and have rules specially crafted for everything in the game and its world.
July 7th, 2019
Well, they both sound and look confident
Sounds interesting, will this be a step towards making something like an RPG type game in the DC world?

I would love to play in the world of DreamCatcher, it would allow for an exploration of the lore of the series outside the lens of the official story, plus we could see some monsters and the like you wanted to add in but decided weren't appropriate to the story
Are they idiots? Incompetent? Incompetent idiots? or just plain old twits?
And there's the sarcastic remark
June 28th, 2019
Well...that's creepy
So, Illusion spell of some kind, Shape Stone, or Wall of Stone, or maybe mix some/all?
That does not look good, Starlight looks like she's in excruciating pain
When your revenge doesn't work out the way you expected.

That said, it would be absolutely hilarious if someone else's pick for where they go was complete torture for Rex, but picked with the thought in mind none of them would really care for the place's aesthetic. The only way it could have been worse for the one trying to get revenge is if Rex actually loved the place, that would turn it into a case of Revenge Backfire
Maybe he's just more selfless than most people think
That is...not good
He says they're writing a proper paper after openly stating a conspiracy without any sense of irony, at least Niko works to get verifiable proof whenever possible
And he's going to need some cream for that burn, but the cold water of the fountain might help alleviate it a bit
probably a good call, getting the go-ahead from a medical consultant will at least give a line of aid if something goes wrong
He's probably going to ask for confirmation on the nature of the wound then get to work with giving her the medical aid he knows he can provide