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I'm a college grad who likes traditional tabletop RPGs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

I've also been working on the creation of an RPG for the past few years now, drop me a line if you want to discuss things on that end
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And the preview on Smackjeeves says "Bad Image Source"
They are doing a lot of collateral damage, I hope that guy is still breathing, chances are he's seriously hurt
The staff/spear doesn't like the professor, the way it's looking at her says is it all
And here we have Lone being selfless, she definitely is "hero" material by her mindset alone, even if she hasn't quite tapped her potential just yet
Was trying to get a big fish, got a big frog instead
Kali is sure one to press her advantages, she was probably more opportunistic back at her peak, and definitely seems to like pressing advantages when it comes to her daughter's fame
It's always a problem when parents push their ideas of what someone should be like on to their children.

I know this going to sound ironic, given the nature of the comic, but children are not robots, you can't program them to be exactly the way you want, and they aren't small adults, it is the duty of the parents, teachers, and community to instruct and teach them what is expected of them and provide opportunities for them to become someone that hopefully lead them towards making a better society.
Clearly, he hasn't heard any of the sayings about angering and/or scorning a woman.

On this planet, we learned that making women angry, or even irritated, is usually an ill-advised decision and/or a very bad idea
@TheSilverTopHat: I've seen it happen with a few different comics. I've also encountered times where it feels like there should be a page that isn't there
Is she ever going to say what kind of weapon she thinks it is?

Also, I noticed her eyes are glowing in the second to last frame, seems to be a reddish brown to me
@dransnake: Did that give you any ideas?
She takes her promises seriously
March 9th, 2019
Is that some kind of Cerberus?
@dransnake: Fun fact, in Irish lore, the wren is the King of Birds
I foresee comedy involving these 3 in the near future
@Karl: Sounds like a campaign setup, or at least a few I'm aware of
The attendant was so bored she didn't even notice who she was talking to until they said their name, guess her job isn't all that stimulating
March 3rd, 2019
Best way to deal with difficult people, just ignore their difficult properties if you have to work with them and ignore them if that isn't the case
@Meloh: Well, the eye on it certainly looks angry, and it is facing her
@MPNB: It happens, I noticed similar errors as I read through the rest of the story