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I'm a college grad who likes traditional tabletop RPGs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

I've also been working on the creation of an RPG for the past few years now, drop me a line if you want to discuss things on that end
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So, Yuu is a bit slow to the party, so to speak, and Raylen has always been under the assumption his family's reputation would always precede him, even if his own personal reputation didn't.

What we have here is a good old case of clueless meets arrogance

I think it would be funny if later on Raylen met someone who did know his family's reputation but didn't give a flip because of some sort of policy of judging others on their personal merits and not that of those they have some sort of relation or connection to, I'm sure that sort of person would really get under his skin. "Yes, I know exactly who your family are, that has no bearing on anything pertaining to you as a person, now would please stop pointing out things have nothing to do with you as an individual." I'm sure that would make Raylen really annoyed
Well, that's what happens when you are an abusive parental figure and the "child" you claim to have cared for decides they've had enough of your so-called care
I just like her look is a "did you really just say that with an honest straight look" face.

Also, her little spirit companion is adorable, I feel like there should be plushies of it in a store now
And the realization of just how cheaply the school is paying the maintenance staff kicks in, at this point he's entitled to a "Fuck It" moment
Very few things motivate like fear of imminent death and the occasional angry female, that is a combo you really don't want to mess with
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute :3
That's a good summary for basic elemental info, I'm guessing the next info page will tackle what dual elements can mean, which would probably also have to take into account cases where elements that normally double up supposedly can't happen or rare cases where that is somehow the case.
She clearly doesn't like the group he's part of
We understand, get all that important stuff out of the way before anything else, and never underestimate what a few good breaks can do for you
@reddog_f13: Okay, at least I gave you some options to look into. I recommend you take a look at the Lampton Worm, it's one of those dragons that really needs more attention.
@reddog_f13: Going with a lot of creatures from world mythology, I wonder what we'll see when you get along when you start referencing dragons. I recommend you look at the Vritra (Vedic and Indian [the Country] culture), the Lampton Worm (English lore), and Lindorm/Lindwurm (Scandinavian lore)
Is that a Roc?
**Ding** Reality just called
I see a lot of binary and people staring at the screen on their phone instead of what's on their computer monitor
I noticed a minor error, "Running off to far."

that "to" needs an extra o
Either its the thing around her neck or just some sort of conditioning, either way, it's pretty scummy
She's been around a long time, she's just too set in her ways
No doorway is locked to a true genius for long, the question is if he can break into the room before his partners punches someone through the wall she needs to