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I'm a college grad who like traditional table top rpgs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
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Well, looks like we might not be seeing the side effects of the magical bleed over the girls gave their husbands until later
That has to be some damn good armor if it allowed her to survive atmospheric reentry and a planetfall at terminal velocity.
September 22nd, 2018
And things just got creepy
Starlight grew up in a very isolated environment, there's a good chance her understanding of most common things in society is extremely lacking.
September 21st, 2018
That cat has Ninja skills
Looks like someone just used wind magic
September 15th, 2018
Seems like her original attempted crew didn't think things through
That face in panel 3 is kind of creepy
September 15th, 2018
Something tells me there's a sharp learning curve to this campaign
Oh yeah, they've just been exposed to what amounts to magical radiation for an entire night, this is potentially problematic
Looks like she doesn't like the taste of alcohol
looks like their "caretakers" don't quite understand how mortals operate
September 12th, 2018
And that is why you should always watch your wording around the party rogue
September 11th, 2018
Eska seems to be lacking tact, or any sense of subtlety, really. The girl's about as subtle as a flying jackhammer
September 11th, 2018
@Meloh: Maybe you could do some work on writing the setting for an existing RPG, like D&D or Pathfinder. I've actually been working on an RPG for the past few years, the rough draft is already to a point I feel it is ready for the first few rounds of playtesting. I have prep work for an intro campaign, of sorts, here

And a Discord for it here
Well, at least he didn't hold back regarding death in Starlight's early life.

That said, it looks like Starlight's mentality hasn't progressed much past what we see here.
September 8th, 2018
In D&D Purple Worms are some of the most problematic and dangerous opponents you can face at mid-level. Also, if you want to get a dragon riled up and facing you, you just have to call it a "worm"
I think he deliberately misinterpreted what is allowed for the whole event.
This looks like it would be an interesting world to play in, I wonder what an Roleplaying Game set in this world would be like
Notice a minor error
You have the thought bubble coming from Sheila, not her significant other.