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I'm a college grad who like traditional table top rpgs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
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How old is Otto again? Early Forties?

That would mean he's known of Otto almost as soon as the man was born. Jupiter did mention he's been keeping tabs on his "family" and has done so almost as soon as he was married, does that mean that one of Otto's parents was of the same lineage as the one Jupiter married into?
@Ulta: Sound like someone got an idea for a future plot point
Looks like Misty's having a crisis of faith, or something akin to it.

Let's suppose the inhibitors aren't actually needed in later years, I can see them being a necessity for young or developing element users, so why make it a requirement they keep the inhibitors when they've displayed an acceptable to immense mastery of their element?

Sounds to me like there's some sort of rhetoric going about, but why keep that particular dogma or taboo in the society, to begin with?

Or am I just making an attempt at reading too much into things?
Something I noticed about your writing is you seem to constantly confuse the words "than" and 'then'

So far you have used "than" where the word 'then' should go

It's a bit of a minor error, but if you leave minor problems alone long enough they can turn into pretty big ones.

Also, that "sentence" needs a d on the end
"so than", I'm pretty sure that a is supposed to be an e
I noticed some minor errors, the most notable being "that have roam the world long before humans" 'roam' needs and ed at the end of it.
@Ulta: You mean she's rarely stupid, looks like you hiccuped a bit there.

That aside, just because someone is brilliant doesn't mean they aren't prone to periods of stupidity.
So, Walter is like Melvin's Bobby in the original Teen Titans show, interesting
Well yeah, she is interested in someone using the weapon she had strapped down with chains, the more powerful magic weapons have been known to be quite finicky and particular with their wielders.
I have a feeling Misty is going to do something reckless, stupid, or both in the near future
In the second to last panel, looks like fully is missing the u
@mangle: What Ulta said is one of the most quoted lines from the original Jurrasic Park
Those eye beams have quite a punch
@Ulta: A Jurrasic Park quote, nice.

I wonder some of the more popular move and shows would like in this world
This feels too convenient, it's obviously a setup.
@Pendrake: True
@Pendrake: Among her several mystical abilities, Raven of the Teen Titans is listed as being powerful Empath. And while the ability mainly does focus around the emotions of others and possible manipulation of said emotions, it is also stated her empathic abilities afford her some level of actual mind reading. Granted she can only really seem to read surface level and shallow thoughts, but the ability is there, although the thoughts usually pertain to immediate emotions when she gets their surface level thoughts
Well, she is a precog, but she's also an empath. An empath is a kind of telepath that can pick up on the thoughts and emotions of others, and even manipulate emotions to some degree in some cases.
Oh yay, he has his wife's ability to read minds. I find this comedically backfiring in the next few pages.
Misty's mom is the closest thing to a mother Starlight has ever had, I'm not sure of how I feel about that.

Starlight's reaction just screams "my big sis is being mean and/or hurting me, save me, mommy"