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I'm a college grad who like traditional table top rpgs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
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Alright then, looks like you were setting up for another relationship.
It's amazing what you can get your hands on when you go to the right places.
I have feeling we're going to see something both impressive and terrifying in its incredibleness. In other words, the stuff nightmares are made of.
That sounds like they just want women to objectify themselves to me
Well, she is pretty attached to the flora she cultivates
Just had to throw some cute in with the feel, just look at Fox's face.
@Lightfoot: Arim and her her sister didn't get a whole lot of screen time that informed on their mindsets, it probably would helped if their was a one-off page where one of them was getting a hand or something fixed along with a comment about never really needing replacements.

As it stands, the two came off as having pretty shallow personalities, to me at least. It's pretty character building to have someone be adamant about not wanting parts of their body replaced when they're shown to have mechanical parts.
there's still an issue with the updates page
You're missing an apostrophe in frame 4
Well, I didn't see that coming
I have recently developed an extreme aversion to using the word Class when referring to hero archetype characters, mostly because of its connotations in a Class-based society and Adventures being only part of the system when they choose to be.

That all said, I would love to see a look at other Adventurer schools and what choice of adventurer vocations they are dedicated to, maybe even set it all up as an inter-school competition of some kind.
looks like we have some updating issues at the moment for the comic.
Oh boy, how to explain things without sounding crazy
He must think it could be serious if he's telling her to go talk with her mom
Just think of what she'll be like when she starts actually dating, or has kids
It's official, the man's a DICK
Looks to me like she has trouble setting priorities
Well, at least he is showing he has a brain
January 21st, 2018
@Maro-King: Probably want to get on dealing with that asap
January 20th, 2018
"about the just of it" did you mean 'the gist of it'?