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That would mean in our world they would have to be positioned in what we today refer to as border states. Amusingly enough the when the Confederate States were formed they were in direct violation of the constitution, there's actually a line in the US Constitution about an agreement to not form a governmental confederation.
We all have to have the illusion crushed at some point
Noticed a slight mistake, it's supposed to be 'two' not "too"

Other than that, nice to see a new page.
Just took another look at the prior page, I think I found the item he zeroed in on. Considering how innovative something like that is, I came out of it thinking it was priced kinda low. Keep in mind, this is still a rather costly item, what with being 450 grand (at least I surmise it's the item priced at that on the previous page) and all, but when I did that check my first thought was about wondering why there weren't more zeros on that item
June 15th, 2017
Normally a white background is a bad idea, mostly because of how bland and lazy they come off as. That said, with all the graphic imagery of some the prior pages it is nice to get a bland and seemingly uninspired background. It has a bit more thematic weight behind that way.
Hope all goes well for you. Guess we better get on that question thing so the Q&A feels worth it, I actually have a few questions.

What gave you the idea for the story? What was the inspiration for the races? What prompted you to make the main characters social oddities?
I see we're moving our focus away from Miss Wolfe for a bit. We already know the Panther is from South America. Jackals are native, and of cultural significance, to Egypt, so that means the Jackal is from Africa, would be kind of amusing to see where they're actually from. As for the Ram, I got nothing on where they could be from beyond maybe Europe
The bot that inspired, the bot he personally worked on, and the bot he did his best to heal. If you ask me, Otto might just be one of the most important people in the history of robotics.
@Chickeneverland: looks like you missed a word there
@Marshal Banana: Very true, the same can be said about Blessed with Suck
Sadly if there was the knowledge of it has already faded from the records to the point of being unrecognizable. But hey, her Archeological expertise could mean she'd be really great as an appraiser.
I feel like her outfit is supposed to be a reference, I just can't figure out to what.
Seriously, someone needs to explain what the magical artifacts do and how they going about their choosing if they select someone in the ancient warnings/prophesies so the people who make it a job to find these things are more informed. It makes sense that a guardian would have some kind of power to take out a city or abnormally large structure. Of course, it would make more sense for the guardian to have defensive abilities powerful enough to halt abnormally powerful attacks, or at the very least neutralize them.
@artificer urza: technically someone already messed with his personality, the way Otto would probably see it would be akin to undoing brainwashing. In other words, he would be freeing someone who has already had their mind tampered with.
I think before he makes his escape Otto will give Red his idea of a proper update, which includes fixing the ethical subroutines and speech patterns. Otto is a robotics lover, and if he can do anything to help robots he'll do so before pandering to his own needs.
Looks and sounds more like villain
February 22nd, 2017
That's actually really sweet.
February 8th, 2017
Notso common sense
And this is why you don't want to piss off a very big dragon.
@azumioftreali: yup, I got an image now.

Maybe you should look over the rest of what's posted just to be on the safe side
What in the...
it says "image not available"