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I'm a college grad who likes traditional tabletop RPGs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

I've also been working on the creation of an RPG for the past few years now, drop me a line if you want to discuss things on that end
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January 18th, 2019
okay, we got a flashback to when he lost his mother, that's pretty dark and quite the punch for an opener
Two things; One, this is bordering on total chaos; two, why do I see Rarity and Rainbow Dash?
I don't know why, but I feel like one of the pages immediately following this will be a Starlight bonding montage, maybe more than one
a very good question
Parents have a whole host of unique superpowers that come from being a parent, some of which are kind of creepy when you think about it
Given Starlight's distinctive personality traits, I think she might just pick up aspects of her new living companions.

That said, Misty doesn't look all that happy about the news from her mother.
Noticed a minor error "basically your lazy"

I think that statement is meant to use the contraction version of the word, in other words, ' you're '
looks like she imbued the arrow with some kind of magic, I'm guessing fire
I almost didn't recognize her without the screws
December 30th, 2018
@Lady Lu-san: You can make other references, sometimes things you don't think would work together mesh surprisingly well. Given the high fantasy setting you seem to be going for maybe you should look at things like D&D for a bit more diversity. You also have to remember, references can be easily as overt as they are subtle. I'll admit, the Zelda aesthetic is a good base to start with, but you need to branch it out in these early pages before you artistically trap yourself in with all the aping from a single source

If you pack everything in to look like an existing property you paint yourself into a corner in a number of ways, such as the legal hounds for Nintendo calling you out for copyright infringement or some readers calling you a hack
December 30th, 2018
So much Legend of Zelda in these first few pages
This is what an egotistical personality gets you
@Ulta: Which if I recall correctly is one of her four stock settings
What did they find at his house that made it necessary for Starlight to be a live-in guest?

Poor Starlight is so impressionable, I shudder to think of what prolonged exposure to Misty's mom will do to her, especially given her overly inquisitive nature
@Hazumirein You've also set up a mythology in Sanvolae centered around an event with the dragons that resulted in the calling of the first Dreamers coming to Sanvolae, that's a story of its own you should probably get to at some point, it could be fun to see the juxtaposition of the lore and actual events. The way Dreamers first arrived probably wasn't this grand culmination of different factions working together to create the first gateway to our world but could have been as predicted of multiple magics from different powers unintentionally causing a mix of supposedly incompatible magics, hence the reason why the process has been duplicated, and thus was one incredible beneficial accident.

It would be interesting to see who the original Dreamers were, but then we would still be dealing with the question of how their successors were determined, especially if their personalities are noticeably different than those in the modern era.
@Hazumirein But it would be amusing to see her explain Independence Day and Christmas, those are probably the two she would be able to explain best despite her poor explaining abilities, assuming they don't try to delve too far into things. If only she could bring items with her on her visits, she could just hand them books on the histories of holidays.

That all said, I wonder when we'll see more people from other continents, it probably would be amusing to see someone from China or Japan as a fox, seeing the lore surrounding foxes from those two countries is quite prominent, more so on the part of Japan and their mythology surrounding the Kitsune and Inari.

Quick note, Inari is the Shinto deity that presides over the rice harvest, it is said in some sources that foxes are her servants and/or messengers. Foxes in Japanese lore have fire and illusion capabilities in addition to their transforming abilities. Inari is described as the pinnacle of a kitsune, also known as Kyuubi, seeing as she is a human-sized White Fox, every source I'm aware of describes her as a white fox in her natural state, with nine tails, nine the most tails a kitsune can have and upon gaining their ninth tail they transcend to being a Kyuubi.

And I just rambled on about Japanese lore. Well, I find Japanese lore and mythology interesting. I just wish more people would pay attention to Irish lore, I'm part Irish and very proud of my heritage. In Irish lore, the Otter is a nearly invincible warrior, said to have a single weak point just under one of their arms while the rest of their body is completely impervious to assaults of all kinds.

Every culture has special supernatural abilities tied to certain creatures and plants.
One of the stock Tempting Fate expressions, now the likelihood things will go wrong has been raised noticeably higher.
Now I'm wondering what Riza explaining holidays, at least the ones she has decent knowledge about, are like in our world would be like
I have a bad feeling about this
Ah, family, the gift that makes you wonder if you should be looking for a return policy or never want to let go at the same time