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I'm a college grad who like traditional table top rpgs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
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Ever notice things get way harder when you're panicked?
I foresee problems in the immediate future
When the word vessel is used in this sort of context it tends to mean a person, creature or object (in this case a person)that acts as the container for another being, usually of some kind of supernatural nature.
Why is she sparkling?
I always enjoy these parts. Of course, I always like seeing well thought backstory with characters I'm following as well
I'm guessing what happened is the creature didn't actually eat her, just dropped her into its mouth. Then, somehow she formed a bond akin to that of a familiar with it that caused most of its power to get sealed away leaving her with her knew "hairpin"

In other words, I think the monster turned into her familiar and was forced into being her new accessory for the time being. As to how that could all happen, magic has different rules depending on the kind it is
There faces while he's saying stuff, priceless
She means well, she just doesn't know how to show it without coming across as abrasive.
When you have a race that lives for centuries they're bound to get stagnant
You have to remember, Dragonfly learned to fight in dungeons and on the streets. Those places don't exactly foster a respect for "rules" of combat
It's just caught them a little off guard, and they've just recently let their spouses in on the all the supernatural elements, components and hijinks going on behind the scenes
There has to be a pattern to those that were taken, if they could figure it out they probably estimate who could be the next most likely targets.

It's clear the one abducting people is doing so with a plan, which means each of those abducted was done so for a reason.
all we know for sure is that the item in question is a blade, probably a knife or dagger if we go by how shallow the cuts are. A sword would usually leave much larger impressions, full looking cuts as opposed to nicks. Although, if it were a sword it could be a shortsword some kind, or sword of similar size.

Blame me learning about history and classic medieval fantasy games that I've played, like D&D, for this breakdown.
I have a feeling she is about to do something ill advised, and probably say something a bit too brash
Seems the King a bit clueless at times, guess they might as well explain things now
@JFP: rofllmao
Wow, I have no other words for that last panel
Well, that's awkward
April 15th, 2018
"an her father" is that a typo?

That said, I find this story's premise mildly interesting
April 7th, 2018
It is indeed a cute sneeze, and thinking about that in multiple is putting me in a state of possible cardiac arrest.