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I'm a college grad who like traditional table top rpgs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
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I've trying to figure out where the girls are from, I know where the guys are from.
Funny thing about weapons that refuse to move there place in magic settings is that they are usually what's known as a "choosy artifact" and will only move from their resting place when someone who meets the criteria tries t lift them.

We see it most notably with Caliburn, not Excalibur (the only reason you're thinking that is because in most of the more modern incarnations of Arthurian lore the two swords are treated as one and the same), and its only being able to be pulled from its resting place in a stone, Excalibur was kept by the Lady of the Lake and Arthur had to return it to her before he died as part of the agreement for her giving him the sword.

A lesser-known case, which actually relates better to this due to it pertaining to the kind of weapon, is Gaebolg, the spear of the mythical hero of Ireland known as Cuchulain, which would basically kill anyone it deemed unworthy outright instead of what it was used against.

So, I guess it's a good thing the spear is only ridiculously heavy to the unworthy
@Mushkikizou-Chan: So, why didn't you go back to the earlier pages and fix the errors?
you're missing an apostrophe again. You need to watch that
Noticed a minor error, "Ill most definitely" there needs to be an apostrophe between the I and l
Rose might be awkward with her wording at times, but she seems to know the right things to say to Willa most of the time
This is the exact same page as the one before it, I know because I checked four times.
I was wondering when we would see that character again
@Meloh: I recommend you start with the tales of Cucullhan, they will probably appeal to you in a way similar to that of Arthurian lore.

Random side note, Arthur is a Celtic name and means bear, it's derived from the Gaelic, the language of the Celts, word Arth which amusingly also means bear

In fact, it's believed the oldest Arthurian stories we have records of come from a Celtic storyteller by the name of Myrddin. Some scholars even believe Merlin was an author insert for Myrddin himself
@dracone: I guess it's because of how much I find world mythology fascinating. The one I'm most drawn towards, but doesn't really get a whole lot of attention, is Irish lore, mostly because of my heritage but also because of Irish legends, lore, and mythology have this genuine a mystique to them due to there literally holes in everything.

In most world mythologies otters are tricksters and are prone playing their victims to mostly harmless amusement, in Irish lore the otter is a nearly invincible warrior with a playful streak. Ireland also has a surprisingly in-depth faerie lore. Try looking up the Courts of the Fey, Seelie, Unseelie, Summer, Winter and the Dullahan sometime. Also the great hero, from pre-Christian times, Cucullhan. Honestly, there is a lot of incredible stuff in Irish lore, but most people think of Leprechauns and Banshees when you say Irish lore, those are just a very small part of the lore. And that's not even getting into the tales from the Book of Invasions or stories surrounding the "Faerie Mounds"
Well, since vessel in this instance references the soul, I'm guessing it's not a genetic trait. It's more of a mystical or spiritual trait that can be inborn to a soul or developed with the proper training. The way he said it indicates it's a natural property of her soul.

There is actually real-world precedence for what he's talking about, sort of. In mystic practices recorded in human history, there are accounts of avatars. Avatar, in this case, is used to reference a mortal that acts as the vessel for a supernatural being and is usually an act performed through some sort of ritual. There are different accounts of what happens when the mortal houses the supernatural entity. Some accounts state they basically become a merger of the two entities, others say the vessel has no physical changes and suffers severe damage to their mind and spirit when the effects of being the avatar have run their course, and still others say the mortal gains complete access to the supernatural being's abilities and powers without the being they're housing gaining access to control of the body because their vessel needs to give them conscious control.

There's actually an episode of Gargoyles, great series by the way, where someone has found a way to bind Anubis and uses a ritual to become an avatar. Things don't go as planned for him, initially.

Honestly, there's a lot of info on avatars. That said, it might be a bit more difficult to learn about them now, mostly because of Avatar the Last Airbender and its tie-in materials.
July 13th, 2018
I wonder how long he'll last. From the look of things, he might not make it very long.
Noticed a few more errors but I can't articulate them all here, or on a keyboard, properly. So I'll just point out the one on the last panel, "Did you got lost" that o needs to turn into an e.

Also, this site might help you out a bit,
I noticed a little error, in the first panel no less, "What did he found in the bushes?" I pretty sure that supposed to be 'what did he just find'
Actually, I found two errors, the second being on the last panel, "I'll better do something better do something", that one's also an easy fix, I suggest 'I better do something' or 'I'll have to do something'

Errors happen, it just means you need to look over your existing work to see what possibly needs fixing. Almost forgot the direction this comic is supposed to be read for a moment
Nice to see at least one of them is familiar with story logic
Looks like I'm a Magenta Munchkin with Ice being the dominant power and Shapeshifting as the recessive power.

That all said, I considered getting a Rag Doll cat and naming him or her Pillow.
I wonder why Kali would say that, especially after Misty's passionate speech about how Diva ruined her school life
@Ulta: That's because she downed them all years ago and forgot to restock
Well, he's a mean one
Probably a familiar, which means she's probably some kind of arcane spellcaster.