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I'm a college grad who likes traditional tabletop RPGs, anime, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

I've also been working on the creation of an RPG for the past few years now, drop me a line if you want to discuss things on that end
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I think he's missing some of the points being made, but that's okay because he is excited about the prospect of being with his own age demographic. And hey, he'll be getting a special education out of it, I don't think his guardians, whoever they may be, will have a problem with that, they probably will have a problem with not being the primary authority figure(s) in his life for an extended period of time.
@ShadowChampion: I also noticed there's a kid named Bradly also on the ban list
November 15th, 2019
Percy seems to genuinely care about Flaw, which is nice to see. Also, given his talents, Percy might be able to help procure some of the items on the list
@mvandinter: maybe the more frequent bathers, but I'm guessing most of them only bathe either once a month or for "special occasions"
Necromancy in most Fantasy settings is treated as taboo
I get it, these guys probably wash once a week.
I wonder what that Nathan kid did to get banned from the library
@Tepig16: Just did a quick check, yellow rice isn't actually a natural kind of rice. It's basically white rice mixed with saffron, so technically it's a specialty dish.
Starlight takes things a bit too literally, which is a great source for humor
She's probably not used to this sort of interaction, especially at the dining table.

What's funny is that some extensive families actually have what amounts to a food competition, that is to say, a race to see who can get the most food in their designated area and eat it before the rest of the table. I wonder what she would think of that sort of interaction
@mvandinter: It was more appropriate to geek culture anyway
Sometimes about knowing the right terms in lexicon
@Tepig16: I've never heard of Yellow Rice before, but I'm not surprised that exists, hence why it wasn't mon my list. I also omitted Wild Rice because it's technically a different kind of grain, it's not a member of the rice family.
Rice is interesting, you can get it in 3 colors (not at the same time, usually). Looks like this is white rice, the most common variant people have access to (and easily the cheapest of the 3). Brown rice is considered healthier than white rice, and black rice is the least common of 3. As far as I know, you can't really get black rice at the supermarket, I really like the taste of black rice
Culture clashes are always interesting to see, usually not when you experience them.

Speaking of cultural stuff, Ireland's tale of how the Wren became the king of birds is actually kind of amusing.
@#1TatamiFan: I think he's more of a Team Dad. You know, one of those characters that looks after the other characters, and usually keeps them from getting too out of hand.
@Ulta: So, I'm guessing the education system is more digital and less physical in this world then
She's probably thinking, "they just had to put the hyperactive rookie on my team, when this is over I'm going to need a strong drink."
I think she's just excited to eat something that isn't bland; she did mention that food in the realm the Feyn gave her and others was more bland than anything else.

That said, after she was informed the food item she had just consumed was the spicest dish possible she just went back for another piece. I'm guessing she just prefers spicy foods, I prefer foods with a bit of a stronger flavor but I'm not a particular fan of spicy foods.
I'm guessing Kalli was an overprotective parent, which would probably lend a bit more wait to what she is saying