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mmmmmm the plot thickens
i was thinking it was hector using kenny to speak. potential for story maybe?
i must agree Sheila is the best looking of the bunch and i wonder how it will go down when there is a time to explain things to the husbands who will sadly die long before their wives
what cat?

the comic was great
@shinyhoudoom is it fullmetal alchemist2 curse of the crimson elixir
@Sqoby yes i did but it just change my hatred for content sameness
now i can't like ted anymore the nintendo fan boys are the most annoying fans cause they wallow in the past and don't care about the future and are content to fed the same stuff over and over
Why does being a fairy sound so cool?
@Salen: i know but he was such an ass about it cause I've been using one for years and got along fine
he might follow it but won't review it i've stopped watch his videos though since the whole ad blocker video he made
is the cow part a reference to melody of oblivion? am i ready too much into it or am i just crazy crazy crazy all over the place
i never said they were spying and i have tons of used games that i get from reliable places since gamestop is an awful store even when they sell games for less than 10 bucks
eh i don't like the trend of consoles to try to be as connecting and social as possible i play games to avoid people. i admit i like the voice activated features but the always on internet thing made me not want it cause i don't always have internet and i buy almost always used games
i don't believe that they actually changed the policy just tried to save their ruined image which irreparable at this point
i want a chocolate chip cookie to dip in my fun
well i haven't seen the E3 stuff yet i got angry at the xbox guy for saying "you're better of sticking with your 360" when you are trying to sell something you don't tell the truth about your product when you know it sucks.
@blueyoshicool: that's exactly why i did it that way
if only i could read spanish
that is hilarious