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@PJSam: Not real sure how that happened, but it's fixed now. Thank you for noting that glitch.
For the record: Still Alive, the song from the game Portal.
I think we've solved the problem with Malwarebytes. Anyone with Malwarebytes care to check and see if the problem is solved?
@Obviously Not Anyone You Know: If you're referring to the not-Pinkie Pie character from Magic Is Friendly, her name is Cokehead.
@Centaur71: You know how "a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client"? Same general deal goes for science. Or even for Science!!1!
What an inopportune time for the government to be eavesdropping on this random conversation...
@Centaur71: It's already been established that centaurs in this strip can eat meat.

Getting Your Hooves Wet #3: Cube said "I've had five Little Caesars' Hot-N-Readies today".

Off to the Races #7: An unnamed centaur bought and nommed a hot dog.
October 9th, 2018
How dare that ungrateful minx just leave someone to drown like a paralyzed rat! Sure, that "someone" kidnapped her and all, but why can't you let bygones be bygones?

Oh, and good way to establish that your birdboys are not invincibly superhuman.
We're Back!
Apologies for the days-late upload, but we've got a highly valid excuse: A vital part of our production crew was at Worldcon all five days…
"Blood moon": Looks like a lunar eclipse to me—try a google image search for "lunar eclipse" and see what comes up.
Hmm. If she can get into a decently thick stand of trees, her pursuers lose much of their flight advantage… but then, how long can she hold out? Messy situation.
June 8th, 2018
Dissension in the ranks.

Not sure our woman has enough on the ball to be able to effectively exploit this. Here's hoping she can at least escape this mess without any further injury.
Regarding #604 / Ultimatum: Hmm. Hoopa's terms might just mean we're gonna see mega-evolved Mewtwo again before the strip ends.
Interesting comic/setting/characters. Gotta admit that one thing I'd be real curious about, were I one of the characters, is how the heck do your "featherheads" manage to fly? Can't be the result of normal, mundane muscle power, but then what?

No, I don't expect this question will ever be addressed in the webcomic, because as best I can tell, the gritty details of How Flight Works just aren't the friggin' point. I'll live…
Mewtwo isn't "selectively mute". But he so rarely uses his physical vocal tract, you know? I figure that physical speech doesn't feel good to him—kind of like overstraining a muscle after months of enforced bed-rest, or some such.
@WhippetWild: What the Marshall said. Specifically, we use Photoshop for the lettering, and PS' text-handling tools can adjust kerning.
It's Filler Time (Again)
Apologies for the lack of actual AAL… but we hope you'll agree that Linda065cliva's portrait of dragon-hybrids Ginger and Geoffrey are an acceptable alternative. If you like what you see, please consider hiring Linda065cliva for a commission or three.
@Zepiore: The latter, I fear. Is fixed now, and thanks for cluing us in!
Gimme an "a"--"A!"
And here we are with, if not the next You Only Shed Twice strip, at least a darned good piece of AAL-related art! Thanks to Linda065cliva, who is open to accepting commissions, for this interesting take on Our Heroines.
@Midday Mew: Reece's fingers: Hmm… I think you're right. Okay, it must be fixed. Thanks! As to the blood on Zeke's muzzle, it's on the *left* side, which we're not actually seeing, so no error there.