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It's Filler Time (Again)
Apologies for the lack of actual AAL… but we hope you'll agree that Linda065cliva's portrait of dragon-hybrids Ginger and Geoffrey are an acceptable alternative. If you like what you see, please consider hiring Linda065cliva for a commission or three.
@Zepiore: The latter, I fear. Is fixed now, and thanks for cluing us in!
Gimme an "a"--"A!"
And here we are with, if not the next You Only Shed Twice strip, at least a darned good piece of AAL-related art! Thanks to Linda065cliva, who is open to accepting commissions, for this interesting take on Our Heroines.
@Midday Mew: Reece's fingers: Hmm… I think you're right. Okay, it must be fixed. Thanks! As to the blood on Zeke's muzzle, it's on the *left* side, which we're not actually seeing, so no error there.
@Midday Mew: [nods] Yeah, that was an oversight. It's fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
@jackmcslay: The Atom used to be a short bodybuilder—no superpowers whatsoever. Then the Atom was a dude with the power to adjust their own size and mass.

Green Lantern used to be someone with a magic ring. Then Green Lantern was someone with hyperadvanced technology.

Do you find those character-replacements to be indicative that a company has "gone mad with power"?

If you're okay with those changes to existing characters, what is it that makes character-reboots involving "different genders or ethnic backgrounds" an indicator that a company has "gone mad with power"?
@THE COLONEL: Yes, "oops". The score has been corrected. At least one of the creative team is so "out of the loop" with respect to pro football, that this error was perhaps inevitable, or at least understandable…
@RuneWolf: Real spirit gum—made from real spirits. One of the perks of being a necromancer.
Mewtwo beating up Jen? Start here:
@Centaur71: Aren't you overlooking the foot pedals? Since the centaur-driver is going to be sitting down, it's not clear how well or poorly they'd be able to 'hoof' the accelerator & etc.
@DarkwingDork: Press charges against Batman? An interesting gambit, but given how rich Bruce Wayne is, also a gambit that's unlikely to succeed.
@Midday Mew: Now that you mention it, the Cast page is rather outdated, isn't it? We're going to have to decide which new characters to create entries for, and which existing entries could use a facelift. Thank you for reminding us!
@Salen: Marsupial reproduction is a lot less wearing on the mother than mammalian reproduction is. Just sayin'.
@Lucius Appaloosius: No, I think that 'taur needs to be kicked. While he's down. While he's standing up. Or any other time, really, just on general principles.
@WhippetWild: Charlotte hasn't done any clothes-shopping 'on camera', but we do know that she doesn't live on Earth. So it's a good bet that wherever she lives, it's got at least one or two stores that cater to the multi-armed set, and possibly even to her species of Naga.
@Lucius Appaloosius: If that centaur has an equine-type digestive system, scarfing down a hot dog is never a good idea…
Eddie Valiant: "You could have escaped any time!?"

Roger Rabbit: "No. Only when it's funny!"
@lamp123: Nope; he and his winged buddies are half-dragon hybrids. Their first "on camera" appearance was in Games Monsters Play (off-screen voices in #16, visibly present in #17).
"Do you even lift!?"

"Why, yes… I certainly do."
@Lucius Appaloosius: This claims to be a complete collection of McCay's Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend comic strip. Is freely downloadable.