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New site
We have offically moved to the new site.
And don't forget, their is the penelty for messing with someone Herodotus cares about. It doesn't not have the force of law behind it, but it is both terrible and swift. ;)
Yes, but can you say it with proper amount of disdain and bordum?
Yeah, you are not hurting anyones feelings here. :D You should have heard what Brit had to say when I showed that one to her. :D And she was so proud of it when she showed it to me all those years ago. ;)
Early Evon
Orginally she was envisoned as more of a rogue (thief) with some fighting skills. She changed... a lot.
Her orginal name was Tinna Bearbooty... Okay, I'm making that up. ;)
I haven't played Cyberpunk in over fifteen years. It was the most famous of the games by R Talasorian, but I much prefered their Mekton Zeta. Giant anime RPG! What was not to love!
Actually, he does remind me of a klingon from the orginal series. :D
Actually, that is the verison of 3.5 I am using. I've been playing it long enough to have the Beta version laying around somewhere. I don't use "The Pathfider" world for it. I've used it to make my own world. The Cresent Kingdoms.
Some of which was cribbed to make the world for Evon. :D
Actually, I started playing D&D in the little white box with the three little books. I have played all versions of it, but I am most happy with 3.5. I also use to run Chart... er... Role Master. I really did enjoy it, but character law got so out of hand I let it slide. Also I don't recomend it for neophites. But the crit charts are a hoot! I hate to say it, but never cared much for Hero System. And yes, played it a lot years ago.

My recomendation list was for people who might be interested in getting into role playing. Those that have been into it for any real amount of time tend to have "their games" and are unlikely to change. Most of them have good points and bad points. Take D&D 3.5, not a terribley realistic system, but it works and is simple enough. Also you can pick up tons of stuff for it cheaply. And Piaso makes new stuff for their version of it.
@Mr. Casual
Yeah, D&D 4th edition plays like a video game. That is why, despite the fact that I own 4th edition, I still run D&D 3.5.
I use, and recomend, several game systes depending on the genera. For fantasy it would be D&D 3.5 edition, or GURPS Third Edition. GURPS is technically usable in any type of RP, but works best for fantasy or historical. For science fiction settings, Traveller, Mongoose edtion. It's more of a "hard scince" setting, but can be made quite sapce opera. For Steam Punk, I recomend Space 1889. Either the orginal GDW edition, or the new Savage World edition. Note, if you are goning to do the Savage World edition, you need a copy of their basic rules as well.
@ Agent T. Yeah, they are palying D&D.
@ Asphyxia. I am very, very pleased that you like the story.

@ Chakat Stripedfur. Yeah, he's my favorite suppoerting character. And considering Areth's boo... er... beautiful features, that says a lot! :D And I am very plesed with how my drawing of the valiant, if snarky, butler turned out.
thank you very much. That is a heck of a compliment to me.
Very well put :)
The Forum
The new site has a forum up and running. Go use it. :)
Lynn Belvedere
Tell me you can't hear Clifton Webb's voice when Belvidier is being snide. :D
I am rather proud of Belvidier's dialougue in this page. He's not so much a Scrooge as he is a grouchy old retainer with a rather sour view of people.