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Back from a somewhat long hiatus. We learn the names of our good friends. also gorelol
We meet another important character.
That's a long fall.

I like how this came out. Not much else to say.
You spelled Correctly wrong. hurr hurr. And the lolspeak is what makes this comic so great. That ain't changing.
Well, the doorknob fell out, and I had to put SOMETHING in there. . .
I like it
I like how this one came out. And looks like those meteor-less craters are up ahead.
Improving on issues I didn't like of previous pages. Like panels & text being too small, some pictures being too bright/too dark (Fixed with photoshop, Hurrah.) and yeah. Hope ya like it.
Whatever the creature is that Jellybones just meet, it sure isn't from Wirr.

I really love how this came out, especially the second panel.
Now it Begins
Now the comic actually begins. There was a meteor shower last night, but only craters were found- Jellybone's goes out to investigate.
A little introduction by Jellybones himself.
I present!
A story I've wanted to do so long, and now I finally can! I am putting all my effort into this, and I hope in the end- it's worth it.
whee photoshop
Tried using more photoshop things then just resizing, as you can see at the bottom.
Other then resizing everything, I just printscreen what I did in photoshop and copy it to paint, dunno why.. it's easier for me.

In this issue Godzilla and King Ghidorah find out they recognize eachother.
Now it gets exciting.
We meet more faces here, but they aren't friendly. Things should get interesting, now!
Hell to make
Pictures came out dark so I began using flash. But this made resizing in Paint painfully hard. I used Photoshop to resize, then did the rest in paint.
Gamera And Godzilla meet some of the other toys in this strip. Gamera also magically loses the ability to talk correctly.

Noticeable things: In the door(The second panel), where a doorknob should be, there is a green teddy bear stuffed into the hole.
Ohai there
Originally supposed to be a youtube miniseries, because of certain difficulties I resorted to a comic- which I think is best.
The first page! Godzilla and Gamera are Japanese monster toys ordered from ebay- this is the story of the many adventures they'll have and personalities they'll meet.
Notable Things: A Chihuahua