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@ Ironweasle & Mr Wax: I imagine the "Oh Goody" coming out similar to how Scar in The Lion King said it, so if you can manage that you're on the right track :D

I don't know about you, but I think Evon might be trying to get Hero drunk... hm, too bad for Evon Hero can drink alcohol better than water. She's gonna need about five more of those bottles before he really feels it.

Though I've never imagined Evon as much as a drinker, she might not be able to hold her alcohol very well. May be something we'll have to address in the future ;-)

On another note, for now I'm pretty happy with how the new site has come along. All the comic pages are uploaded and I'm also uploading the current comic pages there. The only thing I'm waiting for now is approval from Project Wonderful to host ads on the site. Once that happens I'll make the move over. Don't worry, I'll announce when I won't be updating on smackjeeves anymore :)

It's so interesting to see the comics growth over the last couple of years. Not just with the improvement in the art, but also the size of the audience. I remember when we were going getting about 20 unique visits a day and we were happy with that :D And now the sites grown to a point where we can afford to move to it's own hosting site. None of this would be happening without the support of you fans, so I wanna thank every last one of you with big hugs :D Thanks guys!

Todays incentive is one of several commissions that I've worked on this winter. This one is was for Kodyax on Fur Affinity. The final version he wanted had a few adjustments, but I still like this version enough to share :)
I'm not sure anyone would ever see the day when Hero was whipped... maybe there's a good explanation for this or maybe he just needs a good kick in the pants.

I hope everyone had a nice and safe weekend. If there is anyone that received some awesome gifts then feel free to share :) Mr Wax sent is a nice supply of art pens and paper, can never have enough of those :D

I'm still working on the new website a bit and will probably finish uploading the rest of the comic pages tonight (if I don't manage to fall asleep at my desk ^^). I would like to have the site go live by the end of the week, but we'll just have to see. One thing I will miss on the new site is flipping through the comments, all 3260 of them :D But I'm sure you all will be just as talkative in the future :)

Todays incentive is brought to you by Mr Wax, this time with another image a Hero getting his battle on.
I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays :) Enjoy this time with your families and be safe this weekend :)
Pretty sad, huh?
That two people can read this page and still not catch all the typos :D Sorry, yeah, I'll get around to fixing them as soon as I get the chance, just been busy with a lot of other things :) Thanks for the catch guys! Don't hesitate to tell me about any typos that you find!

@Nightfox: I hope you keep commenting or even join the forum once the new site is in constant use :D
@Bubbaclaw: Roughly around that age, yeah. The character has been around for quite a while, has gone through several design changes and even a name change. I can't remember what her name was originally before it was Evon though.
@ Shaman: Don't worry, I totally agree with you!
I think Hero might have managed to keep himself out of hot water this time. Of course, Evon could just realize that her frustrated is better being directed at Cleo.

Todays incentive is a blast from the past... way in the past! Mr Wax hunted this down and suggested I share it. I present to you one of the first drawings of Evon! I don't have a date to when I actually did this, but I do know that it's over 12 years old...

I warn you ... it's rough ...
@ Agent T: Thanks, I am starting to feel a bit better now :) And I've actually never played on old fashion table top RPG, which is one of the reasons why Mr Wax did the pic for me :)

Really, my only experience with RPGs are from playing Final Fantasy games and a few RPGs that Mr Wax and me made up :)
I love drawing little Hero, he has such a youthful dumbfounded look on his face :D

I mysteriously started feeling very sick sometime Sunday afternoon so didn't make manage to get an incentive done, but Mr Wax dug up an old pic that he did a few years ago for a birthday gift. You may view it here :)
I think Belvidier is predicting pain of some sort, we'll have to see if he's right or not.

Also another update on the new site, all the links are now working and so far I've updated the archives up to the end of chapter two. I'll work on getting the rest of the chapters loaded next week. The worse part of all this has been looking at all that old art ... ugh *shudders*

I've also added a forum to the new site if anyone's interested in registering just head over to and click forum. You should be redirected from there. I'll keep updating on the progress of the new site:)

Todays incentive is another one from Mr Wax, this time his study of Belvidier. Some how, I get the feeling that he could kick my ass with kitchen ware O_o
@Bubbaclaw: Of course :)
@ Frappecinno: Just watched "Goes to College" and "Rings the Bell" this weekend. Mr Wax talked me into watching them :D
Yeeeeeah, I don't think Belvidier likes to be called "Belvie."

Been working on the new website that will become Evon's new home. I'm such a newbie when it comes to it and it all looks like math to me ^^ But I'm hoping to have it up in the next week or so. The new site is in anyone wants to check out what it's looking like so far :)

In order news, I got my grade report back from the first quarter. I got four A's and one C. The C was in science so that's pretty good for me :D And I'm officially considered a Junior now! Time goes so fast! Guess it's time to really think about that I want to do and where I have to go in order for it to happen :) As of now I'm thinking I might try out going to grad school, but I'll just have to see where things take me.

And todays incentive is an awesome pencil sketch of Hero by our own Mr Wax :)
I could just be me, but Belvidier doesn't seem too thrilled with Cleo, though he doesn't seem too thrilled about anything...

Today's incentive is a con badge I did for myself that I would have worn to this pass summers Anthrocon had I managed to go. Maybe I'll make it this summer :) Though I didn't make it to the con, I still love the badge :D
And so chapter seven beings with Shakar on the cover. This guy only made a one page camio appearance during the Cabal meeting at the end of chapter four (page 185) so now we're going to get the chance to learn a bit more about him, though with a smile like that I'm not sure if I want to know him >_<

Today's incentive is a piece I did sometime ago as a logo for The Happy Vixen, the pub where Evon and Hero first met. I plan to redo it sometime in the near by future :)
Sorry for the lack of updating on Monday, I thought I'd be able to get it done, but stuff kept be busy. But here's the page and it marks the end of the current chapter.

And we finally get to see Hero sweat, guess he gets a little on edge when too stubborn girls meet for the first time. He should probably get his sword at the ready, just in case :)

And todays incentive is a quick sketch I decided to do in class tonight after turning in my final paper (why the teacher actually held class on the last day I will never know....) and... well... Hero might be getting zapped for this one.
@ Agent T: Cleo's a new character, this is the first time we've learned of her in the comic :) The only other time I showed her was a preview of her design in a past incentive.
Mondays update is going to be a little late today. I have a paper due this week and spent most of the weekend working on it :) I should have the update up sometime this afternoon and will twitter when it's up :)

But on a side note we have another birthday to celebrate! Today is Mr Wax's birthday so everyone side out some joy, laughter and cookies his way :D

As part of his gift I did this little piece for him and am also using it as todays incentive for everyone to enjoy :)
And finally we meet Cleo... but from the looks on Evon's face I don't think she's very happy to see her...

And I finally finished the wallpaper for todays incentive. I tried to keep it simple while still being adorable. Feel free to use as a wallpaper :)