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TBH I thought it was a dinosaur too, and I play video games a lot.
I would too, surrounded by two lummocks.

Edit: I think lummocks is the word? Pretty much two idiots.

Rush is a verb and type of dance iirc.
All megaman characters are a type of music or dance. Except Light and Wily.
oh is this that one comic that turned into a bunch of guest comics because it never updated
Yaaaaaaaaaaay this is back.
SO wait, are you fixing any typo he has to make it easier to read or are you leaving each typo as is?

Looks like you're a bit off, Guest.
@ the Guest
If I remember right, that was the plothole that went away because that's exactly what everyone did.

They pretended it never existed, or essentially forgot about it!
February 25th, 2010
Oh man I'd make a baddie if I could draw. And scan the drawing. But I can't. :<
MS Paint Kirby?
I had to try to motivate you several times. :y

Anyways... you're at least feeling better (albeit still feeling a tad bit sick), so that's good.
Just so everyone knows, Meta is sick, and can't update right now. He did say that he'd like you all to read this comic:

And no I'm not advertising that and saying he wants you to read it, ask him yourself whether or not he'd like you to read it.
Androm, the timeline died. Nothing goes on it it anymore, which would mean no alternate-ness. Except maybe just statues of the people who are there, but I think they're pretty far from civilization.

What I'm wondering is how they're going to get back, and how they're receiving transmissions from another timeline.
I wouldn't trust Wikipedia.

But it does appear you are right. I just now checked the official site. I could have remembered that Cartoon Network had said "Tenneson" onscreen during the final event of the original Ben 10. But apparently Tennyson works.
Just because I was a fan of the show, I'll say this.

Benjamin Tenneson is his name. Not Tennyson.
Handfever, he occasionally has delays.

Just wait until he uploads some more.
Just do what Sega did and make him a pointless side character!

Err... but yeah, since we can know that Silver and X are good guys, what are they doing working with Weil and Neggman?
'Sup Meta.