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Hey, I'm Achaiah (Ack-eee-uhh) Enjoy my doodles and comics!
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Here's page 4! I hope everyone is enjoying the end of finals like I am, have a good week!

Was planning on doing once a week but why not upload at 2 am? haha See you within the week guys.

Page 2! Again after tonight will be updating around once a week
Page 1 of the New version :D I'm building up a backlog and should be able to update once a week, stay tuned guys

First Page to kick off this rewrite of an old comic I was drawing by the same name, its been a while and hopefully I can make it better!

i bet hes going to tell her he tried to stop the guy from shooting her once she wakes up!! lolol XD play mind games with her
Sorry for the very long absence guys!! I've been super busy and in somewhat of a artist funk lately so I was finding it really hard to come out with new pages ; but hopefully thats passed now. Enjoy the new page and the new Pokemon. More soon I promise
May 23- Not dead guys, just super busy with senior activities and upcoming graduation, bear with me!!
May 15th, 2010
High School or college? I'm graduating Highschool but just under a month from now lol
haha yup! its L3D a band I'm in right now lol XD too bad we don't actually have any merchandise....XD
Heres page 11 and our first pokemon encounter!! This is a Furin! Kinda like a ratata or a zangoose; Though I'd say he looks even more pathetic than his predecessors. Enjoy!
by the way sorry about the inking style looking different from page to page, trying to find my comfort zone lol XD
Hey guys! I'm back and healthy for the most part. What might be rustling in the bushes? tune in next time to find out!! XD Also I can't wait for the trip that my senior class is taking on the 20th to Disneyland!! Tis going to be an excellent end of the year ;D
There could be a delay in the next update i got super sick and im still recovering, sorry guys!!
I would totally ask a woman to marry me dressed in ganandorf attire and makeup XD
@ Marfleet1987:

H0ly has said many times all of the main characters in Mokepon come from other works that she has done amirite
Hey sorry for the late update; I've been super busy and working on a new project like I said lol XD Shamefully this is a page I already had drawn from the previous Lapis Lazuli as well but its the last that I'm going to use. I changed it up a bit for the better I hope you like it!
Update 5/1/10: Sorry there was no Lapis this last week, I've been very busy with school work and another project I have been working on but there should be a new page up this weekend! sit tight!!
fantastic job with the wolf animation, welcome back!