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Oh, gameboy+micron, you're awesome dude. Big Kudos+
Internet Issues
Hey everybody. Sorry, I'm having all kinds of problems with my internet. Oddly enough, my PS3 is connecting just fine. Gotta love free internet. >.<
Actual Work
*sigh* I have to start making backgrounds again. Oh well. lol
Here's number 17. Enjoy. 18 may be up tonight.
If this strip left you going "What the fuck?", then go listen to "Oh Yeah" by Yello. And if there's any other Sunny fans out there reading this... Pepe Silvia!
Sorry it took so long for me to see this everybody. lol
I think it's fixed now though. Can everybody see it?
Sorry for the long wait, but here it is.
Oh, and I would definitely expect that gag to show up again. I didn't quite pull it off the way I wanted... and I think it's funny as hell, so, y'know. *shrugs*
lol good stuff. My character on Fallout 2 will destroy your FO3 character's asses in all his 2D glory. Tommy gun and enclave power armor, small guns lvl 122. Oh yeah.
Well, took long enough.
Yeah, sorry it took a few days for me to update. These past few days have been trying to kill me. >.<
At any rate, here's number 14 for ya.
lol, there's some pretty crazy shit goin' on in there. My personal favorite is, "Your ass is grass and I'm the lawnmower motherfucker!" Gets me every time.
What's that? Developing story line?
Oh yeah, on to the actual story. Okay people, the plot is finally starting to show itself, but if it sees it's shadow, it'll be another 6 strips of random chaos. lol
Anyway, hope this holds you over till I finish the next strip. I just went and got Dark Void though, so it may be later or even tomorrow. If there's another comic up in a couple hours, Dark Void probably sucked. :)
Damn, you make a good point... I gotta start planning these better. lol
Uh... I'm gonna go with there's a loop in the code that keeps 'em refilled... She is a block of code after all. Meh, it's been a long day.
Oh this one was fun. Hope the language wasn't too... colorful for ya. lol

Well, that's all for tonight. I gotta write some more scripts, but mostly, uh, I wanna go play Demon's Souls.

For those of you who were wondering what all Samus was shouting, p.m. me for a script.
Ha ha, you a Zebeth fan as well? 8-Bit Theater is a good one too. Some genius stuff there. lol
Pre-Work Update
Thought I'd go for one more before work, and was successful in doing so. lol
I'm gonna watch Predator tonight with the old lady after work, and then probably start working on #12. I'm thinking that the next strip will take significantly more time than usual, so it may not be up till tomorrow, just depends on how late I get home, so make sure to check back!
lol, good stuff.
Laziness Extreme
You know, I am really enjoying not having to make my backgrounds piece by piece. I have a Mario Bros Tile sheet, and it takes awhile to make full sized backgrounds. I wonder how much longer I can stretch out this chapter... lol jk
lol, fav'd
lol, yeah, I generally write the scripts 3 or so strips in advance, so some of it is kinda improvised.
Technical mumbo jumbo
Yeah, so, based on the little bit of programming I CAN do, I'm pretty sure it's not quite that simple. Sounds convincing as an explanation though isn't it? lol

Next strip we'll be 10 strips deep! w00t!
One horendous custom sprite
I almost went with the same gag from the first strip, but I like this better I think.

I know that custom sprite is awful, but I'm working on a new one already. You know, I've been making sprite comics since I first discovered That's My Sonic, like, 6 or so years ago, and I've never done much custom spriting. But I've never had Photoshop before either, so, we'll see what happens. lol