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Ah, not much to know about me other than that I draw, is interested in Yaoi/shounen ai, and I believe to be Japanese even if I AM the whitest person out there. My friends are inspirations to most of my art/comic ideas, so I can't take all the credit... even though I do that anyway.
Blargh! So good! And I'm not dead yet folks! I will be posting soon, I've just got to finish midterms! Next week,though,is SPRING BREAK, bitches! which means pages from me. :) Already, the pages are so good,I can't wait to get to drawing again!
Jack may not like these 'intruders' but he just can't help it when there's singing and choreography involved. :D
Love it! Although, Jack might be in love now, since someone was able to "touch" him while he's in ghost mode (not that Jack doesn't luuuuuffff everybody, anyway).
Jack finally makes contact!!! Woot!
Lol.... me thinks Bad Juju cometh soon. Imma do a page after school tonight!
Lol. They're not butts (unless they're sexy butts like April said, which in this case they are!). I think you portray Aki so well! He's so pretty, and his face is like "whatevs, beech."
I am so tempted to have Jack come back to the armour! It is his favourite, after all. xD Ideas!!
So I got one in that I wanted before Friday! Just gotta do Jack's next. Anyway, sorry its lacking, I did it pretty fast. I think that's going to be the style I'm going to use for now, really rough, but -again- super fast.
January 31st, 2013
@Scooter-harts-salty: UHHHHHH...YEP! I currently have no life as I have an UNHEALTHY obsession with Sherlock (and anything BBC related, really). I will freak out when the third season finally comes to the US! FREAK. the FUCK. OUT.
January 30th, 2013
@April Bouvier: Well, he's not Brittish, now is he..... but that does give me ideas. I wish I thought of that before hand. Now I'm a sad panda.
January 29th, 2013
@April Bouvier: That's his only sex appeal, his pierced nipples. Lol. …Thanks guys. I am looking forward to posting soon!
January 29th, 2013
Forgot to mention
Normal people cannot see his horns or pointed ears, they only see a very pale man with red hair.
January 29th, 2013
No, not dead...
Hello guys, sorry I've been absent. I wanted to upload this guy for awhile now and finally was able to do it. I will be producing an intro page for him as well as a page for Jack before Friday (hopefully, if everything goes as planned).

I'll post his profile in a mo. Sorry if its lacking, it is nearly 4:00 am and I am about to fall asleep. Enjoy!

Name: Akimoto
Nickname: "Aki"
Species: Fire demon
Age: Well over a hundred
Height: 5'11"
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, seme, leaning towards males but is in need of a female for a potential "mate" for reproduction.

Likes: His horns, cigarettes (and wishes he could constantly smoke), short kimono, the colour red, eye makeup, and being barefoot

Dislikes: Other's touching him and/or (especially) his horns, cold weather and being chilled, his moles on his face (there are five of them), wearing too much clothes (basically anything not a kimono), and loud noises

Personality: Aki is naturally quiet, he doesn't like to talk to most people; however he has a short temper and can be easily angered. He is considered to be 'aloof' around people, not caring and ignores them, yet that couldn't be farther than the truth. The demon is quite possessive of what's his and tends to obsess over things that actually interest him (which isn't much). He isn't afraid to be violent and backing down from a conflict doesn't sit well with him; though he might not seem it (with his particular appearance), Aki is a fierce creature with a stubbornness that cannot be deterred by anything or anyone..... well, not anyone so far.

Past/History: Aki is a demon who originated from Japan.

Other Information: He wears a fundoshi (Japanese loincloth) under his short kimono. The only piercing he has is on his nipples. He has a few disorders; the demon is agoraphobic and hates going outside or in the public in general, he has OCD in regards to his horns as he usually polishes them up to twenty times a day (or more). Although he dislikes people to touch his horns, it is his comfort area. Since he is a fire demon, Aki literally cannot stand or survive the severe cold weather; when he is cold, he takes desperate measures (which is wearing more layers of clothes) in order to bring his body temperature back to the norm. He loves the heat and is drawn into it like a moth to a flame. The demon has a thing to sniff objects and/or people.
Not dead.....almost
So incase any y'all was wondering, I'm waiting on more peeps to post and hopefuly have our characters start exploring the house so I can have Jack stalk them.... like a freak.

But I may post some filler in the near future, hopefully early next week.
It's sickingly cute! And don't worry, Jack doesn't need much seduction; just show that you're interested (or not, really, he doesn't care) and he'll be humping your leg like a dog in heat.

And yes, he does talk to and about himself in the third person, so that's awesome!

OH~ Sweet, sweet Polo! <3
Thanks guys. It was meant to be a little bit scary...and then silly, only because that's Jack- he's just silly. :p
Literally took FOREVER! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who can see the quality deteriorating as the page continues. I have to say, I am impressed with my lack of background; what little bg I did offer, is motherfuckin'godawefulandIapologizeforit.

So, let's just pretend that no one knows about Jack for right now. And he's going to try haunting the group and attempt to run them out. Of course, he'll fail, but at least he cares enough to try. :p

Enjoy the shitty page guys! And I am so sorry if I completely destroyed another's character. I tried my best.

Edit: Like Thomas' beard...I told myself to draw it (btw that's the back of ol' Tom's head), but I completely forgot. Ooops...
@Raichi: Awesome page! I will be posting a page sometime this weekend.
@Raichi: Jack is going to be a stranger to the group; he's been occupying the Mansion for sometime now.

Lol. Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem getting "along" *wink* with anyone.