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Hi, I'm lawlessearth on livejournal and smackjeeves, lawless on I write fanfic. I draw.
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Just one more page left and our chapter ends. This whole fencing scene is inspired by Penny Dreadful and that scene in the 3rd season with Catriona Hartdegen slaying the men at the fencing gym, much to the awe of Vanessa Ives. Still not over the fact that the show got cancelled. All the possibilities.
This chapter used to be called "Sisters" but decided to change it to "deconstruction" for reasons.
Chapter Preview
This chapter's title is "Deconstruction." Working on coloring them and putting in the text. I should be finished with the rest of the pages by next week. Thanks for reading! :)
@miamistax: Yes, I'm back although I didn't really go away. Just took a break while I revised the pages. The new pages are actually revised pages of the old ones.
@supatrupa: hey, thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad to know you enjoy the story.
just a little preview
In the process of coloring the new chapter. once it's all done, will upload it all together.
@pretty jodye flacko: Heyyy Yep, still on this. :) I actually had the final sketches for this for the longest time. I just got around to scanning and coloring them. I'm sketching the next chapter now.

While I'm redoing the pages, I'm actually tweaking the story a bit, too, so I can't continue the comics as it is until I finish the revisions.

And to answer your question, I don't really keep a track on my progress on this comics. This is it.
Hi!!! Sorry I haven't been updating lately. I must admit that I stopped working on this comics for a while but now I've come back and even though I can't promise yet that updates will come more regularly this time around, I am however back on the drawing board, so to speak. Thank you for sticking around.

p.s. I edited the previous page because I didn't like the turn of events it implied. Check it out.
@Siahburns21: Hi! :) Thanks for reading this humble comic of mine. I'm sorry the updates are slow this time but I'm glad you love my work. I do want to tell a good story and I always aim to improve my drawings.
So someone nominated this for the SJ Award Nominations for Best Yuri. Whoever you are, thank you.
Yeah, so I've been kind of making Eva's hair longer throughout. I don't know if you noticed. But this is a preview of her new look when I finally work on the next chapter. What do you guys think?
She's a free agent.
Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been very busy with real life stuff and also I have been caught up with various fandoms, namely Bechloe and Doccubus. If you know what I'm talking about and belong to those two fandoms, booyah! :) Anyway, I'm coming back to this webcomic very, very soon. Love you all.
Happy New Year everyone!
Animated version here
Is it too early? Well, I'll be going on Christmas break and I might not have a chance to go on the computer anymore before the new year. So here's an early present for you guys. Whether or not you celebrate it, I hope you enjoy your week.

You can see the animated version of this here:
So I finished the entire chapter and after considering where the story is right now, I decided to upload everything in one go. I'll work on another chapter during the Christmas break so hopefully you can all read the continuation in January.

About Miles and Eva, you can't deny there is some real attraction there. Maybe even something deeper in Miles' case. But their relationship (if you can call it that) was never going to work on first try. Firstly, because Miles doesn't know the first thing about relationships. Secondly, because Eva isn't even fully aware that she *is* sexually attracted to Miles. She thinks she's just getting into Miles' good graces as her father had asked her. And lastly, because of Eva's ulterior motives.

It might have worked if they'd started out as friends. Although Miles has a history of sleeping with her friends (i.e. Dana). They seem to like each other well enough to be able to be friends before gradually transitioning to being lovers.

Anyway, I hope you guys won't stop reading because of what happened in this chapter. Especially since I'll be using their time apart to develop their characters more as well as explore the other characters' relationships.

Here's to hoping you stick around for the next chapter. Adios~
in which miles feels properly embarrassed
she's in lesbians with miles
In which Eva tries to figure out the logistics of....