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Monocle Bunny
I am the artist for the web comic Throwing Heat. I love baseball and the gorgeous men who play it (uglies stay out of sight)
Go Red Sox!
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@KermitsGirl: I'll do my best not to disappoint!
@MegaAnimeFreak7: I can't make any promises, but I am grateful for your inquiry.
@vcrocky: Thank you so much! That really inspires me to keep going.
Filler page! I'm sorry for being incompetent.
@Creamzie: Thank you so much!
@KittyLitter: Oh my god, favorite comment. Ever.
Bruce knows things are going to be a little more complicated, but he's not about to burst Luke's bubble.
I'm back baby, let's see how long this lasts.
What?! No comic page?
Sorry, I should have another page up soon. Until then, enjoy this bit of suit-porn.
@brend1s: I know, right? Damn artists and there inconsistency.
What? Oh yeah, it's been like...forever since I last updated and now all of sudden you get this. I'm a college student. That is my only excuse.
Changed some of the panels in this since showing the preview and hellish month ago. So sorry for such a long hiatus. But, I'm back!
Yeah, me too. I'm sorry I haven't been able to update because I don't have access to a scanner anymore.
LadyKazumi, thanks for the tip! I'll fix that when I finish the page.

Thanks everyone for the great comments, I love them all!
This is a huge tease, but I felt bad about not having the page finished.
I will update sooner or later with the finished page.
HA! True enough
Edit: Fixed!
Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! A little creepy, but who am I to talk?
"It’s not like it is on tv you know, not all gay guys are obsessed with sex." pause "BUT I AM!" pounce!
Because...when you're sharing a room with a guy you masturbated too, the best way to keep your cool is to get sauced.
You know it strikes me that so far Bruce has just been a nice guy, who's made some slightly suggestive comments. HA I hope it turns out that he has NO interest in Luke.

Of course not. I wouldn't do that to you!