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A normal sonic-liker.
Fav chars:
Knux, Shad, Blaze
I support SonXamy, I read and enjoy the Sonic archie comics, But I still think that a squirell-chipmunk doesn't go with hedgehogs.
My fav game is Shadow the hedgehog, and sonic mega collection plus.
Current events: Paint crashed... Hopefully it will be up soon.
  • Real Name
    Just call me Kai
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Sorry for da delay.
Comicwise, What is Eggy's newest creation? Why is Sonic so upset? Why does Tails have sympathy for Shadow? WHY AM I ASKING YOU ALL OF THESE FRIKEN' QUESTIONS?!
Still accepting Cameos.
PS: the newest creation isn't a cameo!
The news post will tell everything.
March 12th, 2010
This will make up my hiatus.
I'm sorry for it not being a real update.
And for the hiatus, sorry for that too.
3 things,
1. Curse you, Math Homework!
2. Forgot to fav...
3. I wouldn't go home if my mom knocks me out like that...
I say it's working like a charm!
(lol, not really)
AHHHH! Dream demons!
Once I had a dream like this!
February 18th, 2010
Finally an update.
February 6th, 2010
First comic up!
*Jaw drops* These are good!
sry for being hard... but, it's true