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February 7th, 2012

Oh my....

PLEASE tell us (Or at least me XD) Where you will continue your comic then D;
I will follow you!! D: This is my favourite comic ;w;
Wee for august X3
Aaah Animal crossing! I have got really lazy there. I should get to update my home soon XD Pfff.. 570.000 bells though :I

I love the last panel ^^ so cute!! :d
I LOVE 2nd panel 8D so cute!!

And I agree with Urusai Hana ^^
This update made my day X3

Ooooh Chicken Tikka masala is tastey O3O I ate it about 1-2 years ago with my friend XD Haha. Though, mine was very spicey ;w;

*Feels proud for not being forgotten* XD Haha
I'm Norwegian C:
I'd say do whatever works best for you C:

I wouldn't want you to be stressed or whatever D; As long as this comic keeps on, I'll be happy :D
Oooh I'd go mad if you stopped the comic D8

I've been on reading-comics-hiatus XD Haha
I Luuuuuurve this story!!!!

. . .
*Drools at the extra psges* X3
Man.. I miss this serie now XD read it like.. 3 times in a row now X3
January 31st, 2011

Teach me yer shading style D8<

Love the art change :D
December 27th, 2010
*Loves this page and melts away*

OwO <333
OLFY f0CK!!!!!

If you Do yer plaaaans I will die happily!!!!!!

*Drools at imagination* Oh dear god....

I will wait!!!!! D8 <3<3<3<3<3<3
Awww I want Moar ;w; It's too good to be true that it is ended!!!! *CrySobCryDerp*
December 24th, 2010
Ohmigawd !
When i saw the first panel I was like "CTHDTHERRVTG !!! WTF is he holding ?" 8D
and then I got it "oh. Right. He's singing" 0.0


Epic win XD
AWWWWW XD Shira!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mah nuuuu. In next update you know what I am doing! D: Crying mah heart out =3=
I'm sure my everyday is not going to be the same when this comic ends *Sobsob*

Yay for cookie and Shiras tastyies food :D

You're AWESOME for making so many pages! It's like.. C'mon, we LOVE to read! The more pages we get, the more happy e will be :'D

I personally LOVE this comic! the style is good, the drama ish good and the fighting is also cool X3

So just continue with uploading so much :'D It is one of the things that makes my day :D

And I forgot to say
*Drools over the last pages* Bweeheheeeeeh
December 17th, 2010
Oh dear god I love that face in last panel! XD

*Steals page* OMG Shira~~!!
From Blackyuni