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Jeremy Irons can sing all of my dialog, and then Robbin Williams can describe it all in over-exaggerated detail, and make up shit about how I killed a million bad guys with swords.

It would be PERFECT.
XD Because I lived in a dorm at an art school. EVERYTHING there smelled like pot.
I think this is the most accurate I've ever been to my mental picture of Lorena.
There's a reason Yubon doesn't wear his hair down.

It's because he looks awful.
You'd think Ozrin and Yubon wouldn't get along as well as they do since they're in love with the same woman, but the two of them are actually pretty tight.
Somewhere along the line, she sort of developed into an actual character. I am not even sure how.
Some expression practice for Ozrin. I like the top two but the bottom two don't seem much like him to me.
Why the fuck is this so small?

For an RP with someone, I redesigned Amata, my lovely insane arrancar, as a Vizard. She was significantly more jumpy and a lot less batshit insane. I like her mask though.
Some doodles I did while at the "Whack-A-Catgirl Live" panel at Otakon '09. I didn't really want to be there so I spent the whole time doodling Byakuya and Kukaku. I felt bad because I was in the second row and everyone sitting around me (even in the first row) was more interested in me doodling than the panel.

I thin the second down one on the left is my favorite. I love when they bicker.
Bitchface and Sono have a Lugia's-Day-Out. Bitchface is probably talking about beating the crap out of some trainers or something. I don't know.
Bitchface Lugia does not even know why she bothers with all of this shit.
Bitchface Moltres (left) and Bitchface Articuno (right). I'm still working on Bitchface Zapdos.
Her moveset matches Lugia from the movie. Psychic, Aeroblast, Hydropump, and Safeguard.
"Bitchface" Lugia, as she has come to be called, sort of developed into her own entity. I have plans for her eventually but who knows if I'll ever do it.

Holy crap it's Annette! And she kept her hair short!

Plus priesty-Lorena over on the left. Mewtwo and I had been discussing what her wedding dress would look like and then I realized she'd probably just wear her priest clothes.
Iulius and Amata. Amata refuses to wake up for her shift keeping watch and Iulius is perturbed.
I didn't have the fabric to make a Sono-colored gijinka for Halloween and settled on improvising a regular Lugia gijinka. this was the costume I came up with.
So my Lugia obsession resurfaced back in the late-fall after I got sick and recolored some Lugia sprites dark grey and yellow. I then started plotting out a Sono-colored Lugia gijinka costume.
Episode 241 if Bleach was fucked up in every single way.