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A fantastic writter, my storys can be of interest of the public, including my fast creations, I can make a tael on seconds, minutes if I take more time.
Eso si, hablo español xD.
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    Daniel Díaz
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Since a while i have been here... but i have my motives.

I'v been working on a project and created a group called Comes-Comics, and we are making a webcomic on a spanish page, I'm making an english version too...

But, now that we started, I got a little more time, so, if you think that we should try to take this up and start updating again, I could get motivated.

And yes, sometimes I lost my time playing FF, Rome total War or Elder Scrolls Morrwind (I want to play Skyrim!).
I want to have those skill! I'll start practicing when I finish my script!
Remember that you are lost.
Follow the plot, we are searchig Ryu.
Okay, I hope to hear about you soon, I'll do the best work thatI can.
Good effect.
I guess that from this point will be a little more serious, and we have try to keep the updates as often as possible.
Yep, I know about thet mistake, I'll fix it later.
Fee fall + peanuts
Sorry for the delay, i've been a little stressed with a problem, but it's didn't stoped me for doing this page.

And I want to see how much time the peanuts follow in the topic :P.

(I didn't see the typo before I uploaded the page, but it's not big deal)
Allright, who's next? Please, tell me no one, I want to upload something...
if no one takes the next, i'll do it.
ouch! sorry, I waqs so exited of coming back, that I didn't see it, it wont happen again.
I'm back!
Well, now that I'm in vacation, i got three months of free time, and now i can update this webcomic.
see ya soon!
Yeah, okey, but what was that?
Hey, what just happened? 2 months without update, this is a good webcomic, don't let it die!
Okey, I don't have a good Idea, so anyone please create a plot, but maybe i'll make something...
The earthquake was made because the world is destroying, not because someone.
Read the alternative text of the page, there's the answer.
Here's an update from me, and I think is a little lazy, I wasn't on my most imaginative moment... damn it.

Well, enjoy.
Then I call after ClareSilver47!
I know this could hapen. Don't look! Don't look!