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A spunky tomboy with bright red hair, really pale, and has lots of freckles. Yup, I love horses, video games, anything fantasy, action, and adventure. I love drawing and art, reading, dreaming, and hunting. ^.^
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I swear I'm seeing all sorts of different covers for Radioactive everywhere! And I first heard the original song from an Assassin's Creed III trailer, lol!

Anyway, I like pegasiger's idea of everyone in earth cloths! Though it might not be that much of a change, would it? Unless you put each in major cliche clique cloths. Like someone in complete goth, someone a skater, cheerleader... make them modern high school group, lol!
Oh My!
This is the first kiss I have ever drawn in the history of my drawing career spanning back to the day I was born.... I have never drawn a kiss before! So this is new!
Uh Oh!
Here's the other assassin!
Tsk Tsk...
Mister strange assassin guy, didn't anyone ever tell you not to talk so much and to watch your back when you're trying to kill somebody? ESPECIALLY when there's the possibility of a second assassin around?
Tsk Tsk...
Amell, didn't anyone ever tell you not to walk through an empty alleyway with suspicious shadows when you're alone?
Oh My...
Looks like Amani is being watched! Well, guess we know which assassin got to her first!
Photoshopped cover is photoshopped not drawn.
But hey, it's a cover. Though it does not reflect the quality of the actual comic.
Atrus is such an observant kid! It almost looks like his grandma is surprised at this.

And I love the little doodle of the cat at the bottom of his notebook page.
I've been keeping up with this comic for a few days now, and I have to say, it drew me in very quickly. Especially since I grew up with the Myst games. (I have Myst and Exile memorized. Haven't gotten to play Riven as much, though, but it's still good).
And Atrus is so curious about everything, it's so cute! Just as I imagined him as a kid(I didn't read the book, just played the games). Though I was wondering if you're ever going to introduce linking books into the comic?
*new reader that just caught up*

Aw man, sounds alot like what happened to my computer a few months back. My motherboard even had burn spots on it. One minutes it was working fine, the next it froze, I turned it off, and it never turned back on. Difference is that mine was no longer under warranty so it's still out of comission and I have to steal onto my dad's comp...