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Well...used to be a comic author...but Smackjeeves deleted them. I'm going through my old stuff now and I'm going to repost them. I'm redoing the sequel I had originally made as well.
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ACK! The next button is clearly not working. Lol.

GREAT comic. I'm happy to hear that you have this published! And I hope everything turns out okay for these two...!!
I hope you can understand what's going on here...I'm not the best at communicating this sort of thing...

I've got to get a few more pages inked, so there will probably be a small delay...

But I liked coloring this was easier.

And I'm not good at coloring stained glass, but that's what the grave marker is made of. Metal, glass, and wood.

Okay, so coloring isn't my forte.

I just read your biography about the history of your name...hilarious.

And I like gaming humor. =D
@Bread-kun: Hey! Nice to see you back too! Awesome that you're still lurking around the webcomics world. ^^

@Almightyra: Hahha I so love Ghent.
Wooo....It's getting close to the end of the semester. I'm already working on a final project in one class and soon to be in my other.

It will probably delay updates again but I'm hoping not. I'm trying to work as much as possible on these pages while still living a life.

I hope you guys are still enjoying the coloring! It delays this process a bit, lol...
This comic is so awesome. I love how you've made this a total *web*comic. Would not be the same in any other media. Amazing work!
Wow. Totally talented. I am thoroughly impressed by your talent. <3
March 12th, 2014
Interesting. I'm curious to see what happens in this. The beginning got me hooked. =)
Great comic! Totally adore the characters. I can't wait to read more. =)
Page 6
Yay! Another page! Although, I'm running out of inked pages to color. So I'm going to just sporadically update whatever I finish and then there may be a slight delay as I draw more and color more. But I have a new drive that I lost a long time ago, so I'm just going to keep going!

Comment and let me know what I can do to improve. =)
Page 5
Sorry this took me so long to get out there...I had to do a little bit of soul searching about this comic.

I also would like to send out a public apology to aiuminumcandy, my old co-author. I said some nasty things about her that she didn't deserve. She's an awesome author who's getting things published. Please, check her out... under the pen name Alisha Kelley.

Anyway, enjoy this page...I'm going to be working on getting updates more frequently.

Thank you faithful readers. =)
Awe cute comic! I wish it was longer, you're very good with character design!
@zaffy2005: hehe. ;D
@Almightyra: Hence the scars.
Well this one took a few more days than anticipated. But I did manage to finish this one in about 4 hours, with a dinner in-between, lol.

My sleep schedule is all messed up. I worked till 12am last night, got home at 1am, slept until 11:30am, went back to bed at 4pm, then woke up at 8pm. Now here it is midnight again and I want to go back to sleep...I think there's something wrong with me. T^T

Anywho, back to the interesting part...anyone remember who this is? And what's weird here? =)
@Guest: Yup. =) Glad you picked up on that.
@Almightyra: because the people of the castle are at the same stage you guys as readers are at. They thought they both died. But in their instance, Echo is there so they think it was all just a story...
I did a gray background on this one because I really liked having the black behind Echo and I didn't want it getting washed out.

I'm trying a little bit of a different coloring technique, which makes it more anime style. I think I'm better at it and it doesn't seem so time consuming. And I always like to zoom away and view the page as a whole and I think it looks better with simplified coloring.

Alright! Five days again! And after I worked a 12 hour shift last night, and about to go back in tonight! Go me!