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May 18th, 2019
Really cool artstyle and story
Oh boy
Action will be taken...

Enjoy your day my man, bring out the finest drinks and forget about all your troubles (that's actually what I would want to say to all your characters right now).
Kara really looks gorgeous in these last pages
@Madock345 you're not the only one O.o
I loved the chapter and sooo looking forward to the next one!
Oh noooo
I don't think I will ba able to handle this...
Please go easy on our feelings D:
Sleep tight, sweet prince.
Oh no...
Why would you toy with our hearts so much, making such lovely pages of them togheter knowing it wouldn't last... argh my feelings!
New site design
I love it, great and cute banner art, with the gang cuddling together :D
Nice ship, I ship myself with good skills.

But they never flirt. Q_Q
@wedward45: Haha, your comment went from super hype to super dissapointment xD
She may have the thunder badge, but she's definitly team valor...
I truly love your comic.
I also find it very interesting how much it stirs up in people, it shows that this comic is a lot more then just a told tale, it brings up a lot of ethics and morals. And whether you're right or wrong in the eyes of people, this proofs that it's a real quality story.
I'm so glad to see another update x.x :D
But now I gotte re-read it because I don't remember anything about a tattoo xD

Edit: I just re-read the whole story, man I love it so much!
February 18th, 2013
Weekly updates? :O That would be awesome! :D but don't push yourself too much ^^
This page is amazing :D it's very dynamic, I love it!
February 13th, 2013
Every party needs a party pooper ;D
Teddy is so awesome xD
Normal is overrated
September 6th, 2012
Things are getting so interesting xD