flamingos are pink, roses are red, then what does that make George Bush?
this is just gonna die like always smh
i was gonna do more but then i didnt so i was like fuck whatever this is just a stupid comic on one of the worst websites on the internet and im on a downward spiral to depression because i continue to make these comics that give me no motivation in life and just waste my time and my girlfriend left me but bitches aint shit so who gives a fuck man and when i jerk off barely anything comes out anymore i think i may be infertile i dont know what to do with my life
aaaanyway here
i wish i could grant gyrobro his wish :(
what even is his power
darky you're wrong for this you cant use the same sprite as me
stop trying to bully hexec this instant
i know it's been a minute but nobody really reads this comic anyway but whatever here we go again!

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who cares

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@Smiffy SMF <3: you should probably read the comic then, it'll clear a lot of things up for you
@Smiffy SMF <3: it's in the same place you got these backgrounds from

do you read this comic tho?
dude do you read this comic???
i hate steve the saiyanhog i hope he dies