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flamingos are pink, roses are red, then what does that make George Bush?

But Neroe brought it up the other day and it's irked me for like the past two years now tbh, why did you delete all the pages of the author comic to change it into this solo comic instead of just starting a different one yourself? It was kinda a dick move because sometimes I've felt like looking back at HP and I can't because it's all gooooone
@TheJGamer: ban jgamer already!!!!
this is an abomination
@TheJGamer: ban jgamer
such a cute cuple
infinite is not a meme i think he's cool >:1
September 14th, 2017
@Afroman17: if you're going to go ahead and say that whats the point in censoring it you weirdo
September 13th, 2017
young ______ got it bad cuz hes brown
@Afroman17: hey you er leave smiffy alone right now!!
literally ahc2's anime opening tho, woooooow
i wont update again so

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oh right i forgot tendo cant make good comics