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I drew everything on this page directly after I drew the previous page, except the last panel. I was kinda stuck on it. It was hard getting into this style again.
Otherwise I would've uploaded this much earlier.

I'll try to have at least 1 or 2 pages per week as a minimum.
I had trouble drawing this page ;A;
Since I had no idea how to continue.
But I managed, I guess C:
Messy page, but I like it.
Ulall is one of my favourite characters to draw CC:


Yes, it is C:
And you did spell his name right xD
Qiell looks really bad here. I have trouble with consistency with him, but this looks really bad, ♥
I'll make him look better form now on
Start! ♥
This took pretty long to colour, even though it was a simple sketch O:
The hallway image is crap, but I was being lazy, sorry D:
I like drawing Nael. Which is a good thing, since he a main character xD
Haha, I already noticed, I changed it just before I read your comment, but thanks♥
I like this page C:
Probably since it's Nael's first official appearance...

I hope it's clear that he made flower appear with a spell.
sketchy pagee..
And I drew it in the wrong size :C
Stupid backgrounds. You make my fingers cringe.
This was the least fun page to ink in the first 12 pages, so I hope I'll finish the other pages soon CC:
Need to ink the next page C:
The cover!!
The beginning CC:

The first 7 pages are already in the works. Hopefully done within the next two weeks♥