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At the moment I'm learning to draw. I started a few weeks ago and like to take pages from my favourite webcomics and try to draw them.

I really want to make my own webcomic, called Papercuts. Right now I've planned it and written the script, I just need to get better at drawing my characters.

So it should be up soon =D
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Twins are awesome.

I found you on y!Gal yesterday! xD I love your stuff on there.
That little ghost really reminds me of Ruki from the GazettE. He's so pretty~
I love this so damn much. I can't wait for the next page =D

Also, I saw that you like Dir en grey! That's awesome. We need more Dir en grey fans.
Would it also work if someone else drew my character, but I still wrote? I'm good at writing, but not good enough at drawing just yet. Also, do they have to be kemonomimi or human?
Need Black Winter plushies! x3
I knew this would update again~ <3 I love your style, it's quite unique =)
-Siro fanspasm-

It's hot here, too. -_-;
It's been about 30C all day...

It's super effective!

CHARLES fainted!


Edit: First! x333
...Mpregs? xD
Grisewald pregnant= Win.
But Siro still owns. <3
Happy birthday!

I always wondered what the king looked like =3
Now's your chance, Ariel! Comfort him and make him love you, then shove him into a kinky outfit! DO IIITTT!!
Let's all sing the Penis Song! =D
YAY Siro!
Siro, come to my house and I'll make you sandwiches n_n

illy~ <3
Damnit 7, YOU go first! xD

That's all I can think of right now xD;
The American education system is so weird xD

I'm so glad this came back. I want Marley <3
I think the page looks good! The last panel is my favourite.

Sleepy Haru is sleeeepy~
Want kinky outfit nows!! -flail-
Aww, poor confused Ariel ._.
But hug-induced glee is the best kind of glee! o_o'

Ariel looks like a kicked puppy in the last panel... -hugs him-