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I have not been on this site for like years and I was very surprised to find that you were still writing a comic. I mean... it may be /this/ comic, but still.
I love how every commentary for the early comics is "I stole this from Bob and George", but then the stuff you stole ends up becoming unique parts of the comic once you start writing it for real.
So I guess SFZ ends up being a 'bonus features' of AKK... I like it :)
Oh dear.

Wow, I need to Archive Binge. I am so behind and the comic ended :(
I really wish it was legal to make a book-volume-thingy of this comic.

I suppose you could make like, website-only-thingies since Super Effective got a book once?
a lot of something gooey ate - 100%, in fact.
Despite loving these comics dearly, they aren't that exciting usually. :(

I am going to reread this after you finish it because I haven't been keeping track.

Actually, I might try to get this into a book (no not a commercially published book, just one for me to read - like printed out and bound but not shiny or anything) because I think I'd read it more.
...this is a little bit overrated.

It's really boring, reading battles forever.

I forced myself to read it all, though. It wasn't terrible.
I am so confused.

This happens when screwing aroudn with glitch pokemon too. perhaps if you could duplicate the effect without freezing you could get pokegods without gameshark???
Its barely a hiatus if you post something every day :P

Even if it's filler.
Ah yes I remember the I like shorts guy.
Hahaha, I love how half a year ago people were saying it's been a year and a half.

It's now been a year.

Those people were thinking a year ahead
UY and UK: which one of you is better
oh what the YES


Am I the only one who thought this comic was a little, errrrr, boring?

Still loved it though.