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The Phantom Critic
Just one Comic this week. Sorry December is so busy for me. DX
The Phantom Critic
November 29th, 2011
@Inferno: YES!
I thought I didn't get that effect close enough <3
The Phantom Critic
November 28th, 2011
important character approaching...
Bake Happy
I made:
2 Sheets of Cookies
1 set of Chocolate cupcakes
1 of White cupcakes (Both with butter cream icing)
2 1/2 foot Chocolate leafs
and a 1/2 foot Chocolate bark (Pretzel raisins and nuts)Pumpkin =3
~Now I am god of the dinner party~ hehe
The Phantom Critic
November 20th, 2011
To fully understand this page =3 you'll need to learn English Spanish Angelic and Chicken =3
@awsome guy: Nope =3 all custom =3
Stopped using bases a year ago.
@StarMan45: Practice =3 2 years worth X3 why I try hard I can really make awesome stuff =3
@sonicstar4453: Thanks <3
@Luxbot: yeah I found the template for it on FA =3 spinny spinny~
=3 but his one pose is really nice X3
=3 Midnight is the bad guy in most of my stories =3 and in my current comic =3
=3 All custom poses thank you~
He's my generic Solder for what ever I need it for.
Still a WIP, and Free to use =3 I don't care if you use it at all =3
It's not a WIP =3 it's done X3 he doesn't usually move. =3 he meditates all day long.

more to come =3
Minecraft 1.0 came out in the middle of making my pack, so for a whole day I was just merging pictures to have all the new stuff.
It's not a virus!
it's the code you send to the You-tube staff, they can translate it and fix the problem =3
the pants are still weird =3
Silver words on White background DX cannot read X3
The Phantom Critic
November 16th, 2011
Dat Choco
The Phantom Critic
November 15th, 2011
sadly no computers in prison
@Muddykip64 DX I donno =3 I make all my own stuff =3 except for backgrounds and sonic characters
The Phantom Critic
November 13th, 2011
If your trapped in a cell with nothing to do why not sing the longest song in the world 1,000,000 bottles of beer on the wall~