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I like art. I hope you enjoy my comics. If not, that's ok, just go away then.

I am always willing to receive critiques. Please tell me if you find something wrong or out of place or just have a suggestion!
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    Jira von Lekter
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August 6th, 2010

...that is all.
yes I am confused but it'll have to wait until the next chapter >:c
sdgkshkj shit now I gotta find a way to ...uhm...follow it there ;; I'll miss it on Smackjeeves.. :<
gkjhsk I love the Snail tri--er, land OF the snails? lmao ;u; <3

mine's here if you wanna see *3* <3

BTW this page is LOEV. :U
I love the tanuki!! <333

And just one thing about the text here, the second panel, "Help" looks a lot like "Held" to me ><;; I confused the text to read "turn into something and held me up".

Otherwise, I just gotta say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tanuki. <3333 CHUBBYYY
Practice is always good! Take your time, do what you gotta do~ <3 See you when you're back onto this project. :3
ahhh omg...this would be an awesome collector's item if you made it as a limited print ;o; probably you could sell small ones like 4x6" size for $3.50 or so and have 5x7", or bigger, prints for like....$7-10 or so ;w; Good prices in my opinion, especially if you were to sign them.
I was like... "omg shit she's dead or smthng."

Now I'm thinking "NICE TRY, BUT HUMANS CAN'T FLY", cos I'm a rhyming freak. I love this page.
I wish God was portrayed as such. :<

The demon/monster design is so badass...I love the claws <3
*supportsupport* silly children :'D
so excited the comic'll be picking back up <333
Great White sharks are amazing jumpers dfkjhkj <3

The panel with the jumping shark is just ...<333 seriously. XD
o bby *u* hurrr I like how the Gate thing's expression is

FFFF so excited for new pages/chapter
angrehfaiiiiccccc >8C
just have small correction for grammar on this, the "I should of told you" should actually be "I should have told you"

(reason: should've sounds like "should of" but really it means "should have")

Hope you don't mind the correction ;U;
squishy cute moment eue~
omg meowth XDD

lol look out little guy there's a junkie behind youuuuu
3rd panel plz
Ash is so uke ;;;;; He totally helpless, and I'd say his expression in that thar 3rd panel just really so cute ; __ ; Poor thing.