i don't really use this for anything except to read webcomics.
lmao love how that works as "proof" tho can kiss people and have it mean absolutely nothing, ask people who are trapped in the closet my guy
I just keep thinking like...THEYRE STILL AT THE PARTY. I really hope no one can hear them > O > ) ;;;
a beautiful look up his nose
I'm so excited for their friendship to be ruined 😈
I can't stop focusing on how Joa is holding Dylan's hand to his chest :")
That's just so sweet aww
love how they're having this conversation while Bailey has splooge on his glasses
July 19th, 2017
every time you update my day gets so much better ~ v ~ )
I hope you're doing well with your jobs though!!
the comedic timing of these two pages is just flawless
see I hate how Sooch is just messing with Howie's feelings out of selfish need but also I love these terrible ideas and the DRAMA 😫😫😫
this is the worst idea in the entire world
I'm 100000% on board for this
this is actually a terrible idea, I love it
yaaaas I live for this drama and suspense πŸ‘πŸ‘
man if I knew how to play I'm sure my reaction would be exactly the same
that feel when everyone with social anxiety relates WAY TOO STRONGLY with 3 panels of a comic
His awkward expression is so natural and pure, it makes me so happy :")
Bailey ur wearing COUPLES COSTUMES ofc Gannett​ likes u, look how embarrassing this shit is and it was his god damn idea
This entire time all I've been able to think of is dragonthing :")
I'm so stressed out that she's still missing ahhh
my heart is already bursting from this small amount of sap I'm gonna die
@yasha.queen: I'm also a sex repulsed asexual so I'll step in here as well...everyone experiences this differently but in my personal experience it has nothing to do with the bodily fluids, it's the act itself. I don't care what other people are doing but the idea of having sex with someone, ANYONE, makes me feel disgusted. I just don't see a need to do it when I could be doing literally anything else. I don't even really like kissing, cuddling people I'm affectionate with with clothing on is as far as I'll go when it comes to physical intimacy, and that's fine for me.

It's hard to explain to people who don't experience the same thing, but it's kinda like being offered a food you KNOW you don't like. 95% of people love this food and they think you're weird for not liking it, but eating it makes you feel sick so you just don't want to. People sometimes try to convince you that you'll like it if you give it a chance, or you just had it prepared wrong and that you just need to eat at other restaurants, but why would you waste your time and energy doing that when you already know you don't like it?
I'm asexual and I never see representation, and especially not from lead characters so I LOVE that Bailey is on the spectrum :")