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October 8th, 2018
What actually is broosh?
It's like bros but with more content
It is totally your own fault of owning a homo lurer as we say in Finland Hiro (that long strand of hair on your nape).
There is so much more text than pictures on this comic nowadays that sometimes I think am I reading the original novel or the comic adaption ,__,
January 2nd, 2012
" world coming to an end?"
"Why yes, want to have a one last fuck before we all die?"
"Well that would be more than splendid."
I so damn much love your drawing style, it always makes me happy to see you've posted a new page <3
....wait, we don't...?
I love the way you draw side profiles, they are so soft and round and..soft ;__; <3
That hand isn't messed up, there is shadow showing and handshape showing where that thumb is growing. You better take a close looking iskilsaya o.ô
Ohmigod ur aliiiiive T___T <3
Oh how I missed Forced Seduction and OHMYGOD HARU! Just made me giggle like a lil' monkey! Can't...write...intelligent...comment... nnnnnghhhhhhh----
November 24th, 2010
And why is Edward Elric walking w/ England..?! XD
Old? 20 yr old is old? Oh my god XD
Even I'm not old imo and I'm 22!

Oh my, I hardship Kaden and Lyle, let's see what happens next!
Shiratori used Expanding horizons!

It's super effective!
I would be more than happy to buy and support ur comic if u were to print it! Go for it I say, I'll cheer ya on!
They...they are like Ash and Gary, just too easy to pair up-------

Okay so...uh...y-yeah!
February 27th, 2010
Hmmm Mr.Doyle, it may be just me, but only a few would like to be raped--
Well, atleast it's pretty fun to watch if ur not the one being pushed.

...the hell, go for it teacher, we'll root for ya anyway!
U draw very well! Nice comic so far, even tho long haired guys really aren't my cup of tea. Anyway! Let's see what happens, I'm on the board.
Oh mommy, we just want to see ur dear baby to even be wif his beloved.
...oh wait, I dun think he even knows yet that he is in love. Does he ever? Oh man, I wanna find out!

Dun worry wif the slow going since ur update pace is too awesome! No need to be sorry at all.

Okkay mommys dear baby, no more cupcake surprises.
Oh noooooooo dun end goddamnit!!
Aww man this comic made me laugh HARD so many times already, ur great!

I can feel ur pain spiky haired friend of Haru, I can't sparkle either. Siiiiiiiigh .____.
Aww crap, a cliffhanger! Must admit I was all "Nooo, how can you be so naïve, nooo, get a hold of urself, aaaaaaaagh!!" while reading XD Great stuff!
January 30th, 2010
That's some awesome shit yo!
Ur very great wif the details and stuff, gotta admire u for that!
Let's see what this comic have up it's sleeve for future.